Today’s Part 2 takes off from yesterday’s article on how you may be hurting your joints without even realising it.

Some pointers will be shared on how joint pain may be relieved.

Cracking your knuckles

Some people just love the sound of knuckles being cracked. There is a feeling of satisfaction from hearing the popping sounds. Did you know the sounds can actually be from two origins? Firstly, they could come from tiny bubbles bursting in the fluid around your joints. The sounds may also come from ligaments that snap against bones.

One medical study has shown this continuous habit may cause swelling in your joints. You might even find your grip weakening as time goes by.

Using wrong muscles for the job

This is something related to being overweight. When you attempt to put too much weight on small muscles and joints, it is your joints that ultimately pay the price and get damaged.

An example: when you lift something off the floor, the wrong thing to do is to bend over, reach for the object with your hands and try to lift it up. This will only put unnecessary pressure on your spine and shoulder blades. It is a dangerous position as you can easily hurt your back by pulling the wrong muscle or even worse, get a slipped disc.

The correct way to lift something off the ground is the bend at your knees while keeping you back as straight as possible. Get a good grip of the object and push upwards with your leg muscles. Hold the object as close to you using your palms instead of placing pressure and stress on your fingers.

Another example: if you are going to open a heavy door, it would be better to push it open with your shoulder instead of using your fingers.

Your sleeping position

While sleeping on your tummy may help with cut off snoring, this sleep position is not quite good for the rest of the body. Lying tummy down pushes your head back and to one side. Your spine will get compressed when the head is in this position, and your other joints and muscles will be under additional pressure.

You don’t stretch enough

After you wake up, it is good to stretch the muscles and warm up the joints. You don’t have to do the challenging gymnast stretches, but the basic stretches are good enough for a good warm up.

Stretching makes your joints, tendons and muscles more flexible. This allows your joints to move easily. Stretching your muscles helps them work better around your joints, giving you better stability.

Tip: There is no rule that limits you to stretch in the mornings only. Go ahead and stretch whenever you can; if possible once every hour. Your joints and muscles will thank you for frequently stretching, and your blood circulation and flexibility will increase.


When you have good posture, your body is at its best. So when you slouch while sitting or standing, there is more stress placed on your muscles and joints and spinal cord. This causes more wear and tear, without you realising it.

Slouching may lead to a hunch back or kyphosis. This happens when there is weakness in the spinal bones that become compressed or even crack. It can happen at any age. Kyphosis normally happens over time as it can be seen in older people especially women.

So do improve your posture to relieve your spine and back muscles of unnecessary stress.

Smoking and vaping

Nicotine from smoking and vaping causes havoc to your body. For starters, it reduces blood flowing to your bones and the discs that act as cushions in your back. Studies show nicotine also slows down the body’s absorption of calcium.

An important hormone for bone health, estrogen, is broken down by nicotine. This affects the process of new bone growth, which may make your bones brittle. This puts your joints at risk, and especially the hip bones!

Conclusion: This article is intended to provide general information on how we may be hurting our joints unknowingly. It also provides some suggestions which may provide assistance to relieve joint pain. However, do note that readers are always advised to check with their doctors on their individual medical conditions.

By Aaron
12th January 2021 23:00

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