Yes, it’s that time with year-end festivities just around the corner! And to start of 2021, we have upcoming local festivities in January and February.

We live with the hope that the MCO will soon end, and that the authorities will allow small gatherings.

Gatherings means abundant food and drink

Whenever there are gatherings, there will be abundant food and drink. Very rarely do you go to a party where there is insufficient food and drink, unless you arrive towards the end of the celebrations.

So how do we prepare ourselves during all the eating and drinking sessions?

Today’s article is the first part where we share some useful tips to help you, before and after the festivities.

  • Start by being active

You can make a start today itself by being active. Being a couch potato will definitely make the kilos pile up easier, especially when you increase your food and drink intake.

So, do get out of the house and just start with a brisk walk around the neighbourhood. Rope in family and friends, but remember to practice social distancing and wear a mask where possible.

Hitting the gym or joining group exercise are other ways to get some exercise done. Just remember to follow the SOPs and maintain your distance from other gym users.

  • Clear out the snacks

Go through your cupboards and refrigerator and chuck out the unhealthy snacks. Replace them with healthy snacks.

Remember that you are more likely to snack unnecessarily when snacks are within your reach to tempt you.

  • Make your own snacks

If you must snack, all is not lost. Just choose natural and healthier options.

For instance, if you love munching on crisps, roast your own fruits and vegetables. There are tons of simple recipes out on the net for you to try out.

Making your own snacks has some advantages. For instance, you will know exactly what goes into your snacks. You will also have the ability to reduce the oil, add spices, and control the sugar and salt content as well as both lead to weight gain.

An added bonus is that you will save lots of money if you prep your own snacks, and you still get to eat healthy versions of them!

  • Reduce your portion sizes

It is a proven fact that those who eat larger portions tend to gain and keep the weight more easily than those who control their portions. The exceptions to this rule are people blessed with high metabolism rates, who seem to burn off everything they eat without any effort.

If you have difficulty limiting your portions, trick your mind by using smaller plates; not saucers though. You will be surprised that this method does work, as your mind will think you have consumed enough after going through a smaller plate of food. This works well for sweets, which we all tend to go overboard with.

  • Use a portion plate

For those with poor imagination (the writer included), there are portion plates which you can easily buy in the shops or on the net. A portion plate has three sections (a half plate section and two quarter plate sections) which you can fill as follows:

Half plate portion – vegetables / salads

Quarter plate portion – protein, e.g., meat, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu

Quarter plate portion – complex carbs, e.g., whole grains

Do note that different people have different dietary needs. For example, those who are highly active in sports may require more protein and carbs.

  • Reduce taste testing

If you are one who loves to cook and bake, you definitely will taste the food from time to time to ensure it is well seasoned and can be served. Do note that small bites of rich dishes can add up the calories.

Try to take tiny bites when tasting your food. And do ensure you are not hungry when prepping the food – it is so easy to taste test frequently if you are hungry!

Part 2 of today’s article will be continued tomorrow.

By Aaron
15th December 18:51

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