The GM diet is quite popular because it is claimed to lose up to 6.5 kg in just one week. However, before you decide to go on a diet, first learn about the following GM diets.

The GM diet or also known as General Motors diet is a 7-day diet program with a focus on consuming certain types of food and with certain portions.

Initially, the GM diet was designed specifically for employees of General Motors companies in the United States in the 1980s. However, the diet program that is said to have undergone testing at the Johns Hopkins Research Center was later widely circulated among the general public.

Guide to Conducting a GM Diet Program

GM’s diet method is strictly restricted because it requires people who follow it to follow a predetermined menu every day for a week. Meals on the GM diet are generally dominated by vegetables and fruits.

Here are the eating rules in the GM diet program:

First day

GM dieters are only allowed to consume fruits. The portions are not limited or as much as desired. All fruits are allowed, except bananas. However, the fruits most often recommended on the first day of the GM diet are melons, strawberries, apples, and oranges.

The second day

GM dieters are only allowed to consume vegetables, either cooked or raw vegetables. The portions are not limited. For the breakfast menu on the second day of the diet, you are allowed to add potatoes or sweet potatoes, but only in small quantities.

The third day

GM dieters are only allowed to consume fruits and vegetables, except bananas and potatoes. The portions are also not restricted or in accordance with the desired.

Forth day

GM dieters are only allowed to consume bananas and milk. The portion is also limited, namely 6 large bananas or 8 small bananas, as well as 3 glasses of skim milk.

The fifth day

The fifth day of the GM diet is about 550–560 grams of meat, be it beef, chicken, or fish. In addition to meat, GM dieters are only allowed to eat 6 tomatoes. For vegetarians, meat can be replaced with chocolate rice or cottage cheese.

Sixth day

The GM diet on the sixth day is the same as on the fifth day. Only 6 tomatoes are replaced with vegetables of any kind, except potatoes. The serving of vegetables is not limited or as desired.

The seventh day

The meal menu determined on the seventh day is red or brown rice, fruits, fruit juices, and vegetables. Portions of each menu remain unrestricted.

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