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Not only does it make you more relaxed, but there are also many health benefits of creambath. Creambath is one type of hair treatment that is quite common. You don’t have to go to the salon for the treatment as you can also try creambath at home.

Creambath is a hair and scalp treatment to moisturize dry hair, soften and nourish hair, and prevent hair from damage. However, did you know that the term creambath is actually only commonly used in Indonesia? Abroad, this treatment is better known as a hair mask.

How Is Creambath Done?

Basically, cream bath is not much different from a hair mask or hair spa. Creambath is done by applying a cream that is rich in moisture and nutrients to the hair. The hair and scalp are then massaged so that the cream is absorbed more quickly.

After that, cover the head with a steamer or hot towel and let stand for at least 15 minutes. Next, rinse the hair using shampoo until clean.

In addition to using salon creams or special creambath creams that are widely sold in the market, you can also do this treatment using natural ingredients. Some examples of these ingredients are banana, honey, eggs, aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, or essential oils.

What Are the Benefits of Creambath?

The benefits of creambath depend on the ingredients in the cream used. Some of the benefits of creambath include:

  • Softens hair

Tangled and unruly hair can make you experience a bad hair day. Especially if you have tried various ways to organize and tidy it up, but it still doesn’t work.

Well, one of the benefits of cream bath that you can immediately feel is softening your hair. To get this benefit, choose a cream that contains silica.

If you want to use natural ingredients, you can use bananas. Bananas also contain silica and minerals that can soften and make hair more radiant.

  • Strengthens hair strands

Creambath is also useful for treating hair stems and roots, so they don’t fall out easily. Some examples of natural hair strengthening ingredients that can be used during a cream bath are eggs and aloe vera.

Nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, biotin, protein, and folate, both of these natural ingredients can stimulate hair growth and maintain hair strength. In addition, you can also mix eggs or aloe vera with honey to make your hair shinier.

  • Overcoming dry hair

Dry hair tends to become frizzy and brittle. Creams used for cream baths generally contain oil which can make hair more moisturized. This treatment is more effective for dry hair than using conditioner.

  • Give a relaxing effect

Besides aiming to make the cream easier to absorb, massage done by the therapist is also useful for relaxing the muscles around the head, neck and shoulders. A fresh scalp plus a more relaxed body can make you feel better.

Not only that, massage on the scalp can also improve blood flow in the hair follicles or roots, so that the hair can be stronger and healthier.

  • Repair damaged hair

Poorly styled hair, such as frequently straightening, curling, dyeing, or pressing your hair, can make hair more easily damaged. Apart from that, sun exposure, air pollution, and weather changes can also cause hair and scalp problems.

Therefore, to repair damaged hair, you are encouraged to do creambath regularly.

by Nurul
23rd November 2020 11:15

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