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Those who have oily skin will often complain that the skin is always shiny and sticky. Clean and moist skin is definitely everyone’s dream. In fact, with regular and proper oily skincare, the skin can look healthy and shiny-free.

Basically, every human body produces oil to maintain the health and moisture of the skin. However, excessive oil production can interfere with the appearance and trigger the appearance of acne.

The main cause of a person having oily skin is the genetic factor of each individual. In addition, hormonal factors are also the main cause of you having oily skin, especially in women. Female hormones are known to fluctuate frequently as they experience menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

Other factors that cause oily skin are:

  • Physical condition
  • Stress
  • Weather
  • Eating patterns
  • Skin irritation

What are the right products for oily skin?

Oily skincare products are not the same as other skin types. So, you can not use the same product that produces a positive effect on your friends who have normal or dry skin types. From now on, use products that are specifically for oily skin or labeled oil-free to overcome oily skin.

  • Face wash soap

Choose a mild face wash because hard soap can trigger excess oil production. You may think by washing your face more often, then you will have oily skin. But that assumption is wrong. The most effective way to deal with oily skin is to wash it twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Wipe the soap on the face and rub gently. Avoid rubbing it too hard, as it can irritate the skin. Then rinse with warm or lukewarm water.

So what kind of soap is right for you? In fact, do not be confused because, you can use face wash soap for all skin types. If oil production is still excessive, you can choose a soap that contains salicylic acid, beta-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide.

  • Moisturizer

Maybe you think oily skin no longer needs to buy facial moisturizers. But to keep caring for oily skin you must still moisturize the face, especially as age increases to keep the skin from the effects of aging.

To avoid the effects of excessive shine due to using a moisturizer, you are advised to choose a light and oil-free moisturizer to treat oily skin.

  • Oil-paper

The owner of the oily face is very helpful with this paper as a way to treat oily skin because it can absorb oil instantly without making the skin dry. How to use it is easy. Just press on the oily face area. However, avoid rubbing oil paper on the face.

  • Oil-free cosmetics

Choose cosmetics with oil-free (oil-free) or water-based (water-based) basic ingredients, especially with noncomedogenic labels to overcome oily skin. Cosmetics in powder form and contain minerals are usually more suitable for oily skin. While the cheeks and eyes with the creamy base ingredients are not suitable for oily faces.

  • Sunscreen

Whatever your skin type, applying sunscreen is a must, especially when you are active in the sun. To prevent your skin from becoming oily, choose a gel-shaped sunscreen and label it oil-free.


by Nurul
18th November 2020 14:40

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