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What will happen to Covid-19 patients who have recovered? Are they really completely healed?

An expert report says that prolonged pain after suffering from Covid-19 is known as ‘long Covid’. It may be not just one but four syndromes that affect all parts of the body and mind.

According to the British National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), which released a preliminary report on the long-term effects of Covid-19, there is a similarity among Covid-19 patients. Whether the patient has been suffering from Covid for 7 months or more, the same symptoms can be detected on a part of the body such as the heart or lungs. Before it subsides it will appear in other parts.

Dr. Elaine Maxwell, who led the report stated that there was a lot of negative physical and psychological impact from this prolonged Covid.

thousands of people around the world have been connected through social media platforms and online forums. They share experiences of the long-lasting effects of Covid-19. Some call themselves “long haulers” while others call their condition “long Covid”.

According to LongCovidSOS, a group of patients from the United States, data from a detection application app developed by King’s College London shows that 10% of Covid-19 patients are still unwell after three weeks, while 5% of them are still ill after months.

Dr Maxwell, who has already presented this finding in his report “Living with Covid” through an online media briefing, also stated that health centers today are struggling to manage these new symptoms and problems.

In addition, Dr. Maxwell and his fellow authors also asked patients and physicians to record existing symptoms so that health researchers could understand the patient’s condition and suggest the best way to help the patient. More data needs to be collected to help more patients.

For this preliminary report, Dr Maxwell’s team has already organized a 14-person focus group on Facebook called Long Covid.

Their testimonials have suggested that long-term Covid may have its own cycle with symptoms that vary from severe to severe and movement around the body including the respiratory system, brain, cardiovascular and cardiovascular systems, kidneys, liver, intestines, and skin.

The report also states that this is experienced by many long-term Covid patients who come from a variety of age frames and backgrounds.

Dr Maxwell also urged to immediately set a diagnosis recognized by health professionals, employers, and government agencies to help patients get support.

“This disease is a new disease and we are trying to understand its impact in more depth. We will try to provide better services to help long-term Covid patients. Moreover, when there is evidence that shows that there is a significant psychological and social impact in the long run, “he said.

By Nurul
30th October 2020 16:01

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