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Have you ever felt itchy after wearing deodorant or anti-sweat products? Be careful, you may be allergic to the deodorant or it may contain chemicals in it. Do you know if your deodorant is safe to use?

Some of us like to wear deodorant, without which they may feel uncomfortable and insecure. Often, a bottle of deodorant contains a combination of deodorant as well as an antiperspirant.

Like bath soap, shampoo and other cosmetics, deodorant and anti-sweat products also contain chemicals that may be foreign to us. Chances are, these chemicals can cause itching under your arms.

If you often feel itching, pain and redness under the arms, you may be allergic to the product. Allergies caused by chemicals that come in contact with the skin are called contact dermatitis allergies (contact dermatitis).

The disease is not contagious or life-threatening, but will cause the sufferer to feel uncomfortable. Try checking the skin on the bottom of your arm. Common allergic reactions to deodorant are:

  • The skin becomes red
  • Pain and soreness
  • The skin becomes scaly and has a rash
  • Extreme itching
  • A lump appears on the lower surface of the arm

Occasionally, allergies to deodorant and anti-sweat will not occur immediately. You may get symptoms after months of using the same deodorant. This is because such products will often go through a process of modification as well as improvements and the allergen has just been added to the formulation.

There are three ingredients that often make your skin feel irritated are fragrances, aluminum, and even preservatives such as parabens.

1. Fragrances

Fragrances are a substance that is always a cause of allergies. A study conducted among eczema patients, 1 in 4 people who are allergic to fragrances get allergic reactions when wearing deodorant.

However, their inflammation gradually recovers after switching to using deodorant and anti-sweat products that do not have any fragrance content.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum or aluminum salts are widely used in cosmetic products. In deodorant, this ingredient prevents you from sweating

There are individuals who report having contact dermatitis after wearing products that contain aluminum salts, but the number is very small. This substance can also make your lower arm swollen and sore.

3. Parabens

Parabens are ingredients used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of germs, fungi and yeast in deodorants. However, many products no longer use parabens instead of formulations due to consumer concerns about parabens that could potentially lead to cancer.

But the American Cancer Society denies that parabens can cause cancer. In fact, there is still no concrete evidence to this day that can associate parabens with cancer risk.

If the itching symptoms persist, see your doctor for further treatment. Your doctor may perform a patch test to identify what is causing you to have an allergic reaction.

By Nurul
19th October 2020 16:43

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