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The benefits of collagen may be more popular as a skincare product. In fact, collagen still has many other benefits that are no less important for health, such as relieving joint pain and supporting heart health.

Collagen is a natural protein in the body that is abundant and is found in the skin, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. However, with age, the amount of collagen in the body can decrease.

To keep the amount of collagen maintained, you can get it through food as well as taking collagen supplements. This is done so that the health benefits of collagen can still be felt. There are at least five major benefits of collagen in supporting the health of the body, among them are as follows:

Tightens the skin and prevents aging
There is nothing wrong with associating the benefits of collagen with skin health. Many studies have shown that collagen has benefits in helping to tighten the skin, prevent premature aging, as well as reduce dry and wrinkled skin.

As you age, it is recommended to always increase your intake of foods that contain collagen, such as meat, fish, green vegetables, milk and eggs. In addition, you can also take collagen supplements as recommended by your doctor.

Reduce cellulite
Cellulite is a term that describes the condition of wavy skin with small mortars such as orange peel that usually appears on the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. This condition is more often experienced by women than men.

In one study, it was found that consumption of supplements containing collagen can help reduce cellulite. However, this still needs further research.

Increase muscle mass
In addition to being known to play an important role in maintaining skin health, the benefits of collagen are also a major component in the development of muscle tissue. Increasing collagen intake will be beneficial in maintaining and increasing muscle mass.

The results of a study showed that collagen supplementation could increase muscle strength in patients with sarcopenia or muscle mass loss due to the aging process, which is common in the elderly.

Relieves joint pain
As the amount of collagen in your body decreases with age, the risk of osteoarthritis increases. Some studies show that people who increase collagen intake may reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce overall joint pain.

Other studies suggest that increasing collagen intake through supplement tablets may help alleviate the condition of osteoarthritis, although this still requires further research.

Supports heart health
Collagen plays a big role in the health of your blood vessels. Without enough collagen, blood vessels can become stiff, weak, or brittle. This can increase the risk of atherosclerosis which is the cause of heart attack and stroke.

In addition to some of the above collagen benefits, there are many other benefits of collagen, such as increasing nail strength, stimulating hair growth, and supporting intestinal health.

You can get many health benefits of collagen by consuming foods high in collagen and collagen supplements or vitamin C. But before you take collagen supplements, it is a good idea to consult the right choice of supplements first.


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