In a previous article last month, we listed out the different blood types and their compatibilities. Today, we go a step further and discuss whether your blood type can affect your overall diet, i.e., the blood type diet.

Many people may not be aware that certain blood types could make you more prone to certain medical conditions.

A book written by a naturopathic physician, Dr Peter D’Adamo called “Eat Right 4 Your Type” lists out his research on the various blood types, and his conclusion that the optimal diet for any individual depends on the person’s blood type.

Dr D’Adamo conducted various studies on individuals and their families, and his finding is that each specific blood type contains the genetic traits of our ancestors and the diet they thrived on.

Dr D’Adamo summarized his findings on what each blood type is called and what food the individual is supposed to eat based on his blood type, as follows:

Blood type A which is called the “cultivator”. People with this blood type should eat what closely resembles a vegetarian diet, and avoid red meat.

Blood type B is called the “nomad”. People in this blood group type can consume plants, most meats except chicken and pork, and some dairy. Among foods they should avoid are corn, lentils, tomatoes and wheat.

Blood type AB called the “enigma”, which is a combination of blood types A and B. Individuals falling in this category should eat beans, dairy, seafood, soya, and grains. They should abstain from corn, poultry and beef.

Blood type O called the “hunter”. People having this blood type should consume a high-protein diet, i.e., meat, fish, poultry, certain fruits and vegetables. They should limit their intake of dairy, grains and legumes, which makes this diet similar to the paleo diet.

Another aspect of the blood type diet is related to lectins which are a type of protein. Lectins are naturally occurring proteins found in most plant-based foods, e.g., beans, peanuts, potatoes, lentils, tomatoes, eggplant, fruit, or wheat, all of which have higher amounts of lectins.

The good lectin may promote cell development, whereas bad lectin, e.g., ricin, can be fatal in small amounts.

According to the blood type diet theory, many lectins specifically target different ABO blood types, and eating the wrong types of lectins may lead to a condition called agglutination or clumping together of red blood cells.

There is some supporting evidence that shows some lectins found in raw legumes (chickpeas, peanuts, kidney beans, etc.) can cause agglutinating activity related to a certain blood type.

For example, raw lima beans may interact with red blood cells in blood type A.

But it is good to note that most lectins are not blood type specific, and when legumes are soaked and cooked, most of the bad lectins are destroyed.

With ongoing research done on the blood type diet, more evidence has turned up that people with certain blood types may have a higher or lower risk of some diseases.

Medical surveys show individuals with blood type O have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, but a higher risk of stomach ulcers. It must be pointed out that there are ongoing studies to find the relationship between blood type and diet.

Dieticians are of the opinion that any of the 4 blood type dietary patterns are good for most people, regardless of their blood type, as all 4 diets are based on healthy foods. These diets also remove unhealthy processed foods.

So, if you do try any of these diets, with the prior approval of your doctor, and you find you have great results, it may be because you are eating healthier foods now that are suited for your metabolism.

This article is meant to provide general information on blood type diets, and is in no way to be taken as medical advice which should always be left to your health practitioner to give out, especially if you have current medical issues.





By Aaron
12th August 19:50 2020

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