Nowadays, many people believe in hand sanitizer more than washing hands with soap and water. Although it is very popular these days but know that there are many hidden hand sanitizer disadvantages?

What exactly is a hand sanitizer? Hand sanitizer is created for the purpose of use by individuals working in areas that require high health awareness, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, any health center and so on.

It is a very useful and useful liquid for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and workers working in health centers full of patients.

This is because it is said to be very helpful for this group to kill germs, bacteria or viruses that are often in their hands as a result of touching or treating patients.

Hand sanitizer contains various compounds such as water, fragrance agent, glycerin, ethanol, triclosan, isopropyl and N-propanol as active ingredients and acts as an antiseptic.

Even so, this product can be described as good news from the looks. The liquid that is said to be able to completely clean the hands from all these bad elements is not as effective as expected.

In fact, there are many disadvantages of this hand sanitizer to its users!

According to a research, the ingredients contained in these hand sanitizers may pose some hidden risks, such as:

  1. Makes the body immune to antibiotics

To your knowledge, antibiotics are very effective in fighting bacteria. However, what will happen if your body is immune to antibiotics? This will of course make germs and bacteria rampant in the body.

According to a study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2011, found that workers in a workplace are more at risk of contracting norovirus if using hand sanitizer than washing hands with soap.

Obviously, the properties of this antibiotic-resistant handwashing liquid will only make germs and bacteria ‘immune’ in our body.

  1. Makes skin drier

Ingredients found in these hand sanitizers such as ethanol, isopropyl, and N-propanol can contribute to the disadvantages of hand sanitizer.

This is because these ingredients are among the types of alcohol that can dry out the skin if it is exposed to any part of the skin on the body.

Not only that, it will also irritate the skin and kill all hydrated skin cells and remove natural oils and acid mantles, thus increasing the risk of contact dermatitis.

  1. Makes the skin aging process faster

In addition to making the skin drier, the disadvantage of other hand sanitizers is that it will cause the skin to age faster.

To better understand, its use too often will result in the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin as well as damaging its youth.

This is because the alcohol mentioned earlier will damage the skin’s natural defense system thus reducing its ability to protect itself and in turn increase the risk of dehydration.

This is the cause of the skin of your hands looking older, in contrast to the skin of the face!

  1. Alcohol poisoning

Not only that, among the other disadvantages of hand sanitizer is that it may cause alcohol poisoning.

Just because the product you use does not contain triclosan, does not mean it is safe to use right? There are many other types of alcohol present in this hand washing liquid, which can lead to alcohol poisoning.

However, do not think that alcohol poisoning is just because you drink it. Excessive sweeping can also be risky!

  1. Weakens the body’s immune system

In addition to the above, triclosan found in this hand washing liquid can weaken the immune system in the body which works against disease.

How did it happen? According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan School of Public Health, triclosan will affect the immune system thus making individuals more susceptible to allergies and more vulnerable to the toxic dangers of Bisphenol A, commonly found in plastics.

In short, hand sanitizer will make the body weak and less effective in fighting some types of diseases.

By Nurul
8th August 2020 15:22

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