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Everyone’s metabolic rate varies, influenced by a variety of factors. If your body’s metabolism is low, there are several ways you can increase your body’s metabolism. That way, the energy needs will be met and the function of the body’s organs will be maintained.

Metabolism is the process of burning calories from food and drink that enters the body to produce energy. This process occurs in the cells of the body.

In order for the calories in food to produce energy, the nutrients in it need to be broken down so that it can be absorbed by the body. For example, proteins are broken down into amino acids and carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. This process of breaking down nutrients is also involved in metabolism and requires energy.

The energy gained from nutrition will be used to perform various functions of the body, such as breathing, regulating blood circulation, producing hormones, healing wounds, and repairing damaged cells.

Here are among the ways that you can do to increase body metabolism so that your body can burn more calories:

1. Get enough sleep
Lack of sleep can reduce the number of calories burned by the body, increase stress hormones that can increase fat accumulation, and trigger hunger. This is the reason why people who lack sleep easily feel hungry and find it difficult to lose weight.

2. Frequent exercise routines
The habit of rarely moving or lacking in exercise can cause the metabolism to slow down. Therefore, you are encouraged to exercise diligently and actively move so that the body’s metabolism increases so that the body can burn more calories.

The type of exercise that can keep your body active is cardio, such as running or aerobic exercise. You can also do sports in the form of games, such as basketball, volleyball, or badminton, for more fun.

3. Perform weight training
Strength training or weightlifting is one form of exercise that is also good for increasing metabolism.

Strength training by lifting weights not only burns calories but also helps the formation of muscle tissue. The more or the greater the muscle mass, the higher the metabolic rate of the body.

4. Consumption of healthy oils
Consumption of greasy foods that contain a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol can cause the accumulation of fat in the body, so that weight gain and difficult to lose weight.

However, that does not mean you should not consume fat at all. You still need to consume fat because fat is needed by the body, but choose a healthy type of fat. Some studies also mention that consumption of foods that contain healthy fats can drive hunger longer, thus helping to lose weight. Not only that, healthy fat consumption can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

5. Increase protein intake
The body needs more energy to process protein into amino acids so that it can be absorbed by the body. This is the reason why increasing protein intake can increase the body’s metabolism and burn more calories.

In addition, high protein foods also make the body feel full longer and suppress appetite, so it can help you maintain weight.

6. Drink plenty of white water
One of the simplest ways to increase the body’s metabolism is to drink white water. Some studies say that drinking enough white water, especially cold water, can make the body burn more calories.

Drinking white water before meals will also make the body full faster, so you can more easily control the portion of food. However, the benefits of white water to increase metabolism and weight loss still need to be studied further.

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5th August 2020 13:46

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