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The benefits of honey are well known for health and beauty. The sweet liquid produced by bees is finally used as a traditional medicine that is believed to overcome various conditions. Is the assumption about the benefits of honey true from a medical point of view?

Honey consists of several ingredients, including water, sugar, antioxidants, flavonoids, phenolates, vitamin E, vitamin C, amino acids, as well as minerals such as zinc and iron. People often take the benefits of honey as a medicine to relieve coughs, allergies, diarrhea, and asthma. Not only that, some people also use it for various skin problems, such as relieving itchy skin and healing wounds.

If you are interested in using honey as traditional medicine, it is good for you to know the true benefits of honey from the medical realm. Here is the explanation:

  • Cough

Some studies say that the sweetness of honey can trigger the production of saliva and mucus. It can soak the throat and relieve the cough. Consuming honey before bed may reduce cough in adults and children two years of age and older. Honey should not be given as cough medicine to infants or for any other reason as it can cause poisoning.

  • Wound healing

You can try applying honey or honey-containing cream to the injured skin. Nutrients and other chemicals in honey are believed to accelerate wound healing by reducing pain, reducing infections, improving the performance of cells involved in wound healing, reducing pus, and unpleasant odors on wounds. The types of wounds that may be cured by the benefits of honey are burns, abrasions, postoperative wounds, and ulcers or chronic foot ulcers. However, research shows that honey has not been shown to cure acne.

  • Diabetes

The benefits of honey are also good in the treatment of diabetes. Some studies have found that consuming honey daily can lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. Not only that, cholesterol levels and weight loss of diabetics can also decrease due to the benefits of honey. But so far it still needs to be researched more about what kind of honey is most beneficial to help treat the condition.

  • Thrush due to radiotherapy

Consuming about 20 ml of honey may reduce the severity of thrush, as well as weight loss and pain when swallowing due to radiation therapy in the treatment of head and neck cancer. Studies show that patients who are given honey after radiation therapy on the head complain of lighter pain than those who do not.

Some recent studies show a positive impact of the benefits of honey for some of the above conditions. However, to strengthen such scientific evidence, further research with a better population sample is still needed. In addition, further research is also needed to find out the truth about the medical benefits of honey for other conditions, such as:

Increases stamina, overcoming allergies, treating diarrhea, relieves condition after eye surgery, increase fertility, overcome itchy skin, treating skin irritation due to sunburn, relieves asthma, overcome the problem of malnutrition, and lose weight or for diet.

If consumed and applied to the skin in the right dose, honey is generally safe. Children over the age of one can also consume honey. But it is best to avoid giving honey to infants or children under the age of one year to avoid the risk of botulism. Botulism is a poisoning condition that attacks the nerves of the body and is potentially fatal.

However, keep in mind that not all honey is safe. There is a type of honey that can cause harmful effects if consumed, namely honey derived from Rhododendron nectar. This type of honey is at risk for low blood pressure, chest pain, and heart rhythm disorders due to its toxicity.

For those of you who have pollen allergies, it is better to avoid consuming honey because this sweet liquid is made from pollen which can cause allergic reactions.

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30th July 2020 14:05

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