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To have a bright face is dreamy. For you to have and treat the appearance of the radiant complexion, you can use vitamin C serum. In addition to brightening the facial skin, vitamin C serum can also maintain the health of facial skin and delay premature aging.

To get bright and well-groomed facial skin, cleansing the face regularly and applying moisturizer alone is not enough. Proper skincare products are also needed. One of them is a face serum that contains vitamin C.

Vitamin C serum is a skincare product that contains high concentration vitamin C. These products usually have a dilute, light texture, and are quickly absorbed by the skin. The benefits of vitamin C serum can be felt if you use it regularly. Some of the functions of vitamin C serum for the health and beauty of facial skin are:

  • Stimulates collagen production

The skin needs collagen to stay strong and elastic. In the body, collagen is formed from a combination of 2 amino acids, namely glycine and proline, as well as the help of vitamin C.

Vitamin C applied to the skin is able to stimulate collagen production, so that the skin remains firm and smooth. As a result, fine lines are obscured, pores shrink, and skin looks youthful.

  • Brightens the skin

Some studies show that vitamin C is able to inhibit the formation of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that darkens the skin, hair, and eyes. People with dark skin color have more melanin in their skin.

Melanin actually works to protect the skin from damage due to sun exposure. However, increased melanin production on facial skin can cause hyperpigmentation in the form of blackheads and uneven skin color. By applying vitamin C serum, it can help fade blackheads on the skin, making the face look brighter.

  • Protects skin from UV rays

Vitamin C is one of the types of antioxidants. The antioxidant effect of vitamin C is proven to protect the skin and prevent it from damage due to the dangers of UV rays.

  • Moisturizes and overcomes dry skin

Vitamin C works by retaining moisture so that the skin does not dry easily. The use of vitamin C serum is also known to overcome The use of vitamin C serum is also known to overcome rough and dry skin when used with skin moisturizer on a regular basis.

  • Reduce wrinkles

Wrinkles appear when the skin layer loses a certain amount of collagen. The appearance of wrinkles can occur naturally due to age. However, premature aging can occur if you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time, have a smoking habit, and lack sleep.

To prevent the formation of skin wrinkles or premature aging, you can use vitamin C serum. With the series of benefits above, it is not surprising that vitamin C serum is touted as an anti-aging skincare product.

How to use Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C serum can be used twice a day, morning, and night. Before applying it, clean your face first with face cleansing soap. Next, pour the toner on the cotton and rub on the surface of the face, except the eye area, then wait until dry.

After that, apply vitamin C serum on the fingertips, then apply evenly to the face. Pat the skin gently so that the serum can be absorbed by the skin perfectly.

Next, you can use face moisturizer and sunscreen. At night, you can apply night cream after applying vitamin C serum. Vitamin C serum can be used for all skin types. However, if you have very sensitive skin, it is recommended that you first determine if the product is suitable for your skin.

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17th July 2020 16:24

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