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We are more often and easy to be exposed to a variety of diseases such as flu, cold, and even dengue especially when the rainy season arrives. Do you realize this? This is because, in such cold weather, we tend to spend more time indoors and close to each other, thus facilitating the spread of the virus.

In addition, there are many viruses that tend to be stronger and grow better in low humid weather conditions, such as rainy season.

According to research, rainfall provides a good place for mosquitoes to cause dengue to spread and develop into adulthood. And when coupled with our weak or poorly functioning immune system, dislike of the disease will come naturally without being called upon.

If we are sick, then we realize how important the role of the immune system is to protect us from the various viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms that cause other diseases. Fortunately, even when ill, the immune system can be improved to speed up the healing process.

One of the ways to boost (boost) our immune system is by consuming vitamin C. This water-soluble vitamin serves as a protector of the body’s cells from environmental damage.

Therefore, vitamin C is widely recommended to help prevent and / or help treat various health conditions. One way to get vitamin C is to consume foods that are high in vitamins, such as guava and pink guava.

Pink guava is the kind of force that will provide your body the source of vitamin C, fiber, and other substances that can protect the body’s cells such as polyphenols, ascorbic acid, and carotenoids. The substance in this ginger juice helps slow down or stop the harmful effects of oxidation.

Vitamin C in cashew nuts can also heal wounds and build scar tissue; helps the growth of healthy skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels; as well as repairing and maintaining cartilage, bones, and teeth.

The content of vitamin C in citrus fruits is even greater than that of citrus fruits. In every 100 grams of pink guava, there is at least 228 mg of vitamin C. Compared to citrus fruits which only contain 53 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. In addition to the fruit, guava or pink guava leaves also contain chemicals with the effect of protecting the body’s cells.

Oh yes, because vitamin C can not be made or stored by our body, it is recommended to always consume foods that contain vitamin C every day so that our body is always healthy.

Young children need at least 15-45 mg of vitamin C daily, teens 14-18 years of age need 6575 grams of vitamin C per day, and adults need 75-90 mg of vitamin C per day. Higher amounts of vitamin C are needed by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and they are smokers.

It is also recommended to get used to the fruit which offers various benefits for your health. Try to consume or drink more guava juice from now on for better endurance, especially during the rainy season to keep yourself away from sickness.

By Nurul
11th July 2020 14:05

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