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If you snore when you are sleeping, you should not be concerned as if it is something that you must get rid of it immediately. It is a common habit among men compared to women. According to statistics released, about 6 million Malaysians find it hard not to snore at night, called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

However, snoring can also be a sign of serious health problems and can lead to chronic health problems as they get older. Unknowingly, these snoring problems can also interfere with your partner’s comfort. So, why not follow this article to learn how to avoid snoring.

  • Bodyweight

Try to maintain a healthy and balanced weight by eating a healthy diet. Having too much weight can cause snoring. Fat on the neck narrows the airways and prevents airflow in and out. Maybe you can try to lose weight if weight gain makes you snore. This is because individuals with thin skin are also sometimes snoring.

  • Sleep position

Sleeping can cause your tongue to block the airway to the throat – resulting in a vibration that causes snoring. Changing your sleeping position to a reliable companion can help you overcome this problem. If this problem persists, it may be due to obstructive sleep apnea and you need to see a doctor help resolve the problem.

  • Alcohol, smoking

Avoid consuming alcohol before going to bed to reduce the likelihood of snoring. This is because alcohol causes your muscles to become more ‘calmer’ than during normal bedtime. This causes the back of your throat to ‘fall’ into the back as you breathe – resulting in snoring. Smoking is one of the habits that can also cause your snoring to get worse. So, you should choose to smoke less or for the better, try to quit smoking.

  • Nutrition

Watch what you eat. Eating a heavy meal may interfere with your sleep and aggravate your snoring problem. To get a good night’s sleep, eat a few hours before bed. And if you feel like chewing something before bed, a healthy snack like a fruit slice is the best option.

  • Allergy

Experiencing allergies can also cause you to snore. When your respiratory tract is blocked, the respiratory system runs through the mouth. Trying to cure your allergies by taking antihistamines before bedtime may help to disrupt your nasal passages.

  • Exercise

You can reduce your weight by exercising. And in fact, while you may not have any weight-related problems, regular exercise can help you get better sleep and reduce snoring. This is because exercising makes your muscles stronger and reduces the risk of ‘obstruction’ of the respiratory tract during sleep.

  • Water

Try to practice a lot of drinking water. This helps the body stay hydrated. When you have dehydration, mucous fluid builds up in the mouth and throat that block the air and make you snore. You can try these tips for avoiding snoring to help you cope with snoring problems. But if it persists and may interfere with your sleep, you should consult your doctor for further examination to determine if there are any health problems.

By Nurul
9th July 2020 14:19

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