Beauty marks are a sensual symbol, especially when they are found on women’s faces. Beauty marks are basically moles. In the right place, a beauty mark can portray a touch of glamour, seductiveness or make a woman look flirtatious.


In the eighteenth century, beauty marks were highly regarded as an attractive feature on women, even prompting to women drawing them onto their faces in varying shapes and sizes. Former supermodel Cindy Crawford and the late actress Marilyn Monroe are just two icons famous for their facial moles.


In fact, moles have been deemed as lucky because of their position, and have been linked to good fortune and good marriages by fortune tellers!


While deemed attractive, beauty marks are still moles. Most moles are harmless, but on rare occasion they can become cancerous. Do make an appointment with a qualified dermatologist as soon as possible if you notice your mole changes in colour, size or shape. Be on the look out for other symptoms like bleeding or itching at the site of the mole.


Moles are not to be mistaken for freckles as they are quite different though similar in appearance. Both moles and freckles are spots on the skin caused by clusters of pigmented skin cells. They normally appear during childhood and adolescence, and sometimes at birth as well.


The typical mole is a singular black or brown spot, but moles also appear in clusters too. They are often round or oval, but can take on other shapes and varying sizes usually less than 0.5cm. Moles may be raised, flat, smooth or wrinkled in appearance. Some may have hair growing out of them. Moles can appear on any part of the body.


For women, hormonal changes and pregnancy can make a beauty mark or mole become darker and larger.


The other side of beauty marks or moles, is that they may indicate melanoma or other types of skin cancers.


Melanoma is a serious type of skin cancer that forms in the cells that produce the pigment melanin which gives your particular skin type its colour. The exact cause of melanoma is unclear, but there is strong medical evidence to show that exposure to UV radiation from the sun increases the risk of developing it. Tanning beds also seem to have the same effect. Hence, limiting exposure to the sun’s rays when it is hottest and limiting visits to tanning salons can help reduce the risk of melanoma.


Women under 40 are more at risk of getting melanoma. Knowing and looking out for the symptoms will ensure early detection and treatment of melanoma.


A beauty spot in the wrong position on the face can draw much unwanted attention and lower a person’s self-esteem. This holds true especially for women, who end up weighing various options on its removal.


A few factors to consider before removing a facial mole:


  • Is it very noticeable? If the beauty mark or mole is large enough for people to notice easily, then you may want to consider removing it. Whereas if it is a tiny dot or a cluster of dots that are barely noticeable, you may decide otherwise.


  • What is its shape? If it is elevated, does it in any way cause embarrassment to you or lessen your attractiveness?


  • Where is it positioned? If the mole is on a prominent place like on the upper lip, and affects the way you smooch, then you may want to remove it.


If you decide to remove a beauty mark, do avoid the many do-it-yourself procedures found on social media, that can end up with scarring due to an infection or bleeding.


Do yourself and your face a big favour, and consult a qualified dermatologist who will examine your beauty mark and suggest a suitable method. Lastly, be aware that moles can grow back, either partially or smaller.


We hope this article has provided some general information on beauty marks aka moles. This article is in no way intended to be taken as medical advice and readers are always advised to consult qualified medical practitioners for proper medical advice according to individual situations.

By Aaron
6th July 20:20

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