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Yam bean is one of many plants found in Asian countries. Not only known for its delicious taste, but the benefits of consuming it are also quite varied, from improving digestion, lowering cancer risk, to maintaining heart and brain health.

Pachyrhizus or yam bean is widely known as a mix of herbs. Aside from the ingredients, Yam bean also favors when consumed directly. In spite of its refreshing taste as it contains plenty of water, yam bean also has many health benefits. Yam bean is known for its rich fiber content. In every 100 grams of fat, there are about 4.9–5 grams of fiber and approximately 40 calories. This amount of fiber is equivalent to 10–15% of the daily fiber requirement.

In addition to fiber, there are many other nutrients that are obese and that are important to your health. It also contains a small amount of vitamin A, vitamin B6, and iron. Here are 6 benefits that are important to your body’s health:

  • Enhance digestion

One of the main benefits of yam bean is to improve digestion. It is because fibers in the yam bean can produce softer stool and easy to move through the digestive tract.

In addition to fiber, the other nutrients contained in yam bean and also beneficial for launching the digestive system are water and inulin. According to research, inulin content in yam bean can increase your bowel frequency by up to 31% when you have constipation.

  • Keep your heart healthy

The fiber content in yam bean is also useful for maintaining heart health. Adequate intake of fiber can inhibit absorption and reduce cholesterol, making it good for high cholesterol.

The side effects of this cholesterol reduction can prevent the formation of plaque or blockage on the blood vessels.

  • Prevent dehydration

As explained earlier, about 85% of the yam bean is made up of water. Therefore, consumption is not only satisfactory, it can also meet the body’s fluid requirements so that you are prevented from dehydration.

  • Lower your risk of cancer

According to research, exposure to large amounts of free radicals increases your risk of serious health conditions, such as diabetes and cancer.

Yam bean contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which play a role in suppressing free radical exposure. In addition to suppressing free radicals, vitamin C content in yam bean is also beneficial for improving the immune system, making it less prone to illness.

  • Improve brain function

Even in small quantities, vitamin B6 content in yam bean has proven to be a major health benefit. These vitamins can help the brain and nerves work better. Vitamin B6 also helps the body produce red blood cells and transforms protein into energy.

In addition, the fiber content and complex carbohydrates from yam bean are also good for maintaining blood flow to the brain.

  • Lose weight

If you’re in the middle of running a weight loss program, you can add more weight to your diet menu. As a result, the calorie content in yam bean is relatively low, which is only about 40 calories per 100 grams. With its high fiber content and complex carbohydrates, yam bean can also make you feel content, and full more longer. This effect makes yam bean considered good to help lose weight.

In addition to some of the above benefits, yam bean is also believed to be able to regulate blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance. Yam bean can be consumed directly without cooking. However, it’s important to remember, and make sure they are properly peeled and cleaned to be clean and safe to consume.

If you have a specific medical condition, please do not hesitate to consult your nutritionist so you can get the right instructions if you want to include a yam bean in your daily menu.

By Nurul
1st July 12:08

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