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Swimming is the kind of sport that not everyone is able to do, as not everyone can swim. It takes regular exercise or a coach to teach someone to swim. Because it includes a type of body exercise, swimming has many benefits to offer to our body’s health. It will be hard, usually for beginners to get the hang of it, many would start slowly as it requires practice until they can make it.

The first lesson to understand is the rhythm of movement and breathing. The recommended time for a beginner is to do a 10-minute swim session. Then start extending the training to 30 minutes. Do this regularly 3-5 times a week.

If you are not comfortable with putting your face in the water then as a beginner, you can first practice soaking your body up to the neck or walking in shallow pools. It is considered to be much better to get used to it before actually swimming, rather than swimming with improper techniques.

But then, what are the great benefits of swimming for body health? The benefits of swimming are not specifically just for athletes or professional swimmers. Everyone can benefit from swimming, especially if they practice it regularly.

It can build your strength. One needs more energy to move in the water. Furthermore, swimming is a physical exercise that will train all major muscle groups, from the shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, to the legs. This exercise also has many benefits for pregnant women.

Swimming can increase your stamina as it relates to the respiratory system, cardiovascular, and muscle mass. In detail, the benefits of swimming you can get from doing this regularly are:

Enhances the resilience of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems – A study concluded that in a 12-week exercise, oxygen consumption increased by 10 percent in middle-aged men and women. In addition, the impact of an increase in the amount of blood pumped each time the heart pumps is 18 percent, which means an increase in cardiac strength.

Builds muscle mass – The benefits of swimming can also be seen in increasing muscle mass (upper back), up to 25 percent in a group of men in a study. The results were obtained after an 8-week swim program.

Burn calories – About 500-650 calories will burn while you swim for 1 hour, depending on how efficient the activity is.

Relaxing the body – Swimming can be a way for the body to relax. It has always been mentioned that it has the ability to make one’s feelings calmer. As claimed in a study, swimming can clear your mind, encourage positive thinking, and confidence.

Can prevent various diseases – Swimming does not just make your body fit and healthy. Regular exercise can help prevent a number of diseases, such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Swimming does not just make your body fit and healthy but it can help you to prevent a number of diseases, such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Swimming is also an excellent exercise option for patients with certain diseases, such as those with nucleus pulposus hernia, arthritis, and even post-stroke recovery exercises.

According to the study, regular swimming can also increase life expectancy. Take a regular 3-5 weekly swim, for 30 minutes each.

Swimming is good for everyone, both men and women, children and adults alike. So, don’t hesitate, it is better to start early.

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23rd June 17:11

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