We have heard about organic foods and the expensive prices the products are sold at. Apart from the fact that organic foods are pesticide and fertilizer free, what are the other benefits of eating organic foods, and why are they so expensive?

Organic foods refer to products that are grown, prepared and processed without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. When you buy organic foods, you can be assured you are eating foods free from pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives.

Organic foods are gaining popularity, especially with the younger generation or those with allergies or medical restrictions, with the general consensus being that eating organic means eating clean foods. This is the primary reason for its slowly growing popularity, despite its rather heavy price tag.

In spite of all the free use of pesticides and fertilizers to chemically increase crop yield, and with many diseases linked to these chemicals, e.g., more allergies, poisoning, cancer, etc., consumers still go for commercially produced food and meats due to the cheaper prices.

Here are some benefits of eating organic foods that you can take into consideration if you want to live a healthier life:

Improvement in overall health:

As organic foods are sold in their natural state, they do not contain trace elements of toxic chemicals which build up and cause harm to the human body. Usage of green manure (bits of plants that are left to decompose naturally into mulch) as fertilizer and carefully planning out crop rotation produces safer and healthier versions of organic foods, be it fruit, vegetables, meat or seafood.

The produce may be slightly smaller in size but are generally tastier as they should be in a natural state, as no growth enhancers are sprayed on them. You pay a higher price to get quality, not quantity, nourishment, which will improve your overall health.

Improved cardiovascular protection:

Organic dairy products are found to have increased amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which is a heart-healthy fatty acid known for improving cardiovascular protection. Animals that feed on natural grass and hay produce milk with higher quantities of CLA and the same can be found in meat from free range animals.

Resistance to antibiotics:

Commercially raised animals are vaccinated, fed with growth hormones and antibiotics, and traces of these chemicals can be found in their meats even after cooking. When we unknowingly consume these chemicals, they weaken our immune systems, which will lower our resistance to diseases.

Organic meats on the other hand, are from farms where animals are not vaccinated, given growth hormones or antibiotics.

Organic foods are tastier:

As organic crops are allowed time to reach maturity, their mineral and sugar contents can increase accordingly, making them tastier. Commercial farms have time frames to grow and deliver their crops, hence the use of chemical boosters to speed things up.

Organic foods are environmentally safe:

Since the use of any form of chemicals are prohibited in organic farming, there is minimal soil, air and even water pollution, leading to a safer environment.

Organic foods are fresh and nutritious:

Organic foods tend to go bad quicker than commercially grown food, as preservatives are not used to make them last longer on the shelves. You can be certain you are not buying old stock if you choose your organic foods carefully.

A point to note – it is better to buy local organic foods, as imported organic foods would have shorter shelf life spans, taking into consideration the time taken to make the journey from overseas farms to store shelves. Buying local organic foods will also support your local organic farmers.


Organic foods like meats, fish, poultry and dairy products all contain highly nutritional content because they are chemical-free. The plants, animals and seafood are given time to mature naturally under natural conditions. Research has shown organic food products have higher vitamin and mineral contents.

Organic foods are free from chemicals that normally react with their natural vitamin, mineral and organic compounds, so you will consume foods that re naturally rich in antioxidants.

This is a general summary of some of the benefits of consuming organic foods. Perhaps it would be a good time to go organic where possible. If supermarket prices seem unaffordable, consider planting organic vegetables at home if there is space available.

By Aaron
3rd June 21:40

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