“Magic” phrases revealed by mental health experts, which you can repeat to help calm your anxiety and take in control in times when you are in stressful or fearful situations.

How to calm anxiety

It can be difficult to keep your mind at ease if you have anxiety attacks on a daily basis. The Covid-19 pandemic has stunted the growth of the economy, leaving many people very anxious and highly stressed, what with loss of employment and long lockdowns.

According to mental health experts, taking deep breaths and repeating mantras when will ease your mind when you are overcome by stress and fear.

Whether you have been diagnosed with anxiety, or if you’re deeply worried about a particular situation, these “magic” phrases can help calm your anxiety and feel more in control.


First way to get your mind off anxiety is by moving around. It may not be the perfect solution, but it does take your mind off anxiety for a little while at least, allowing you to get a grip.

“There’s no wrong decision, as long as you do something to move out of deliberation mode,” says a clinical director of Light on Anxiety Treatment Center in Chicago, Debra Kissen. “Stop trying to find the perfect solution and just take some movement forward, even if it’s an imperfect step forward.”

Do a reality check:

Although anxiety is unpleasant, remind yourself that you’re not in danger physically even though your emotions have taken over. “In a moment of anxiety, especially with panic disorder, people feel like ‘I’m not going to survive this. This is not OK to feel this way,’” Kissen says. “It’s not fun, but it’s not dangerous.”

Show gratitude:

According to Heidi Hanna, PhD, author of the book Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Stress, your brain can’t experience stress and gratitude simultaneously, so taking a moment to appreciate and be thankful for your good health, loving family, or stable job is an effective way to change your mindset.

“When you feel stressed or brain fog, if you can shift to a place of expressing gratitude for something in life, that immediately starts to shift into a more restorative state,” she says. “If your mind wanders, go back to feeling grateful.”


Rather than being worked up about all your worries and regrets, calming your anxiety with mindfulness can help you stay in the moment. Shift your thoughts and sensations back to what’s happening in the present moment the instant you notice them coming in.

Focusing on simple tasks like watching the kids or doing the dishes will keep your thoughts in a more manageable state. “It’s having the ability to redirect them rather than getting totally caught up in rumination and putting your attention to whatever the current moment has,” says Kissen.


Things that aren’t in your control like politics or global warming can be overwhelming at times and calming anxiety isn’t always easy. Acceptance isn’t always easy but it does help one get past the issue. “It’s the nicest thing because you’re not trying to manage anything anymore,” says the founder and CEO of Mindful Living Network and The Stress Institute, Kathleen Hall. “It’s like hitting the delete button.”

All this will pass:

Nothing lasts forever and the same goes for the problems at hand. Understanding and reminding yourself this fact will keep your mind at ease when encountering anxiety. “When you are chronically stressed, it can feel like you are drowning in problems and are barely staying afloat,” says  clinical director of anxiety and family therapy center TherapyNest in Palo Alto, California, Aarti Gupta, PsyD.

“Reminding yourself that the stressor is not permanent can provide peace of mind and grant the energy required to tackle the problem and explore viable solutions.”

Think positive:

Think of the types of compliments you’d like to receive from others. Then with eyes closed, imagine how you would feel when you actually symbolize those characteristics. Do this at the start of each day, so that you can react in a positive way.

“We get so focused on needing to do stuff all the time that we forget how we want to be,” says Hanna.

Be determined:

If anxiety or stress keep you away from social activities or important events, take control by doing the opposite of what you mind is trying to tell you. “You’ll win, and anxiety will lose,” says Kissen.

It is hoped this article and its pointers will help in reducing your stress and anxiety in this challenging period. Try some of them out; they may just be what you need to be a happier you!

By Aaron
1st June 20:00

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