The savory taste and the crisp texture may be the reason why chicken skin is so popular. But too bad that if it is consumed without limit, it can be harmful to your health?

If you eat chicken skin too much and too often without controlling it, it can endanger your health and cause various illnesses. It is because chicken skin contains a lot of cholesterol, especially if it is fried.

So, what exactly, is the danger of consuming too much chicken skin. If you eat chicken along with its skin, it can make it more calorie and fat-rich than just eating chicken alone. In fact, it is not uncommon for chicken skin to be served as a side dish or snack. This can lead to excessive consumption of chicken skin.

In 100 grams of grilled chicken skin, it contains about 130 mg of cholesterol with a total fat of about 45 grams. When the chicken skin is fried, the fat and cholesterol content will increase. That is why consumption of chicken skin needs to be restricted.

There are a variety of health hazards that may sting you if you fail to control the intake. As such:

  • Overweight

Chicken skin contains many calories, especially if it is fried and covered with flour. It should be not a surprise if you can easily gain weight by eating fried chicken skin too often.

If the consumption of chicken skin is not restricted, you may find yourself to be overweight or obese. Both of these conditions will increase your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, or stroke.

  • Heart disease

Consuming too much or too often of chicken skin can increase the risk of heart disease, especially if your chicken skin is consumed with other high-cholesterol foods, such as junk food or fries. This is because excessive cholesterol in the blood can absorb into the blood vessel walls and form plaques. Then the plaque will cause atherosclerosis, narrowing down the artery. If what is narrowed is cardiac, an individual can be infected with coronary heart disease.

  • Stroke

Excessive chicken skin consumption can also increase the risk of getting stroke. The process is similar to heart disease, but for stroke, the narrowing part occurs in the blood vessels of the brain.

This condition causes the blood supply to the brain to decrease, so some brain tissues will not get enough blood supply and eventually stroke.

  • Campylobacteriosis disease

Consumption of chicken skin can also increase your risk of Campylobacteriosis, especially when it is not properly treated. The reason is that Campylobacter jejuni bacteria cause campylobacteriosis to survive and reproduce in chicken skin, even when it is stored in a freezer.

Symptoms of campylobacteriosis usually occur 2 to 5 days after the bacteria (C. jejuni) enter the body. The symptoms can be shown in several ways: diarrhea, cramps or stomach aches, and fever. Also, if the chicken skin is not cleaned thoroughly before cooking or cooking, it can also contain Salmonella bacteria. These bacteria can cause typhoid fever.

Therefore, if you consume too much chicken skin, it can cause a lot of health problems. It is possible to eat chicken skin, as long as it is restricted and balanced by high fiber foods, such as vegetables and fruits.

Also, practice a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising regularly. If you have ever been a fan of chicken skin, it’s a good idea to see a doctor to check your cholesterol levels and your health as in total. When your cholesterol level is high, doctors can prescribe cholesterol-lowering medications and regulate your diet.

By Nurul
28th May 15:51

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