Last night’s drinking was fun, but the feeling this morning was not so funny. You have a hangover, and you want something to get over it quickly.

Frankly speaking, there is no quick fix for a hangover. The so-called “hangover cures” you can easily get at stores may cause more harm than relieve your hangover.

A hangover will leave your body in a weakened state. Feelings of nausea are normally accompanied by a blinding headache or migraine, and your eyes become light sensitive. You will definitely feel the effects of dehydration as well.

Here are some simple hangover suggestions that you may want to try out:

  1. Get more sleep

Your body needs to recover, so sleep in to give it sufficient time to do so. If it is a work day, take the day off, cancel your appointments or reschedule your meetings. We do not condone this action, but showing up to work in your present state will not go down well with your boss for any career advancement or upcoming promotion.

  1. Rehydrate

Alcohol dehydrates your body, so drink sufficient water to rehydrate. Natural fruit juices are also encouraged, as they have the additional benefit of vitamins to give a boost to your system.

Try adding some lemon juice and a slice or two of ginger to warm water. This drink will benefit you in two ways, as lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and ginger will help with nausea.

  1. Drink tea instead of coffee

Add some sugar into a cup of tea which has a lower level of caffeine than coffee, and drink this. If you simply cannot do without coffee, it is better to use decaffeinated coffee as normal coffee may worsen your headache. Taking more than a cup of coffee will only lead to further dehydration.

  1. Get more Vitamins

Your body will be low on vitamins now. Drinking fresh orange juice will give you a healthy dose of vitamin C. Alternatively, taking a vitamin C supplement does the trick as well, if you don’t like drinking fresh orange juice.

  1. Get some food in

Eating might be the last thing on your mind right now, but try to consume small amounts of protein, carbs and mineral rich food to keep your energy up.

Start off with perhaps plain toast or plain crackers. If you don’t bring those up, go for a bit of fruit like bananas. You can then progress to the all-time favourite – chicken soup. Refrain from having greasy food for now.

Start slow and build up your appetite, as your stomach is weak and may not be able to handle a full breakfast straightaway.

  1. Light exercise

When you are able to stand up and balance safely, do some light exercise. This will improve your blood circulation, which increases your metabolism rate which may flush out toxins a bit quicker.

You don’t have to break out in a sweat, but move as much as possible. However, if you feel unstable, a good option would be to do simple breathing exercises while seated. Avoid direct sunshine if your eyes hurt. The fresh air will certainly do some good to your body.

  1. Refrain from taking painkillers

Headaches caused by hangovers generally shouldn’t be treated by OTC (over the counter) painkillers like Panadol, Tylenol and Ibuprofen as they have side effects which could react badly with the alcohol still remaining in your body.

If you think you really must take a painkiller to relieve your splitting headache or migraine, please refer to your doctor for a suitable dosage, bearing in mind other medication you may be taking for an existing medical condition you may have.

  1. Take a long shower

After you feel you have slept sufficiently and find you are steady on your feet, do take a shower to freshen yourself up.

Certain people like to shower with alternating hot and cold water, which is good in a way, but not when done in extremes as you may go into shock.

We hope these suggested ways help give you some forms of relief from a bad hangover, but our best advise is to know your own limits and when you should stop drinking. If you do have to drink, pre-arrange for a friend or driver to send you home as DUI (driving under the influence) is a serious offence with heavy penalties in many countries.

By Aaron
23rd May 20:00

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