A public toilet is one the dirtiest places to be, mainly because it is accessible by many people every day. However, we should do whatever possible to avoid these parts of the toilet that are known to be very dirty.

Faucet handles / Taps

It is a well-known fact that the faucet handles on sinks in public toilets are dirty, as many people use them to turn on the water and then turn them off to stop the water flow once they finish washing their hands. Imagine a random stranger turning on the water with unclean hands, and then turning the water off the same faucet with clean hands.

If that stranger was you, you would definitely have picked up germs afterwards even though you just cleaned your hands. Grab a paper towel after your done washing your hands, and then use it to turn the faucet off. If the toilet doesn’t have paper towels, try turning off the faucet with your elbows or forearms.

Hand dryers

Less obvious but still a place for germs to stick around. Not only should you avoid touching hand dryers, you should refrain from using them as they spread 190 times more virus than paper towels according to research conducted at the University of Westminster in London.

Friction created when you dry your hands with a paper towel removes germs, leaving your hands cleaner and a paper towels dries hands faster. Be kind to the environment though, by limiting your usage to one paper towel.

The floor

You don’t need to be a straight A student to figure this out. It is a very well-known fact that germs reside on the floor you walk on. There’s a good reason why your parents tell you to wipe your feet before stepping into the house.

It is good reasoning to say that a public toilet floor is expected to be much dirtier! Avoid leaving any of your belongings, whether it be your purse, diaper bag, or backpack on the ground as those items can collect fecal bacteria off the floor.

Best solution here is to keep your carrier on your shoulder or hold it around your neck, if a hook isn’t available in the cubicle or on the door.

Flush handle

Though it might sound ridiculous or like a bad joke, some people actually use their feet to flush the toilet, and with good reason. The flush handles can accumulate germs overtime, even more so as we are talking about public toilets here.

If you are not flexible enough to flush using your feet, you could always use a paper towel to flush. Some protection is better than no protection!

Soap dispenser

Like the flush handle, a soap dispenser can accumulate germs over time, doubly true when it is a public toilet as more people would continuously be using it.

Make sure you wash and scrub your hands thoroughly after touching the soap dispenser.

The walls

Though it doesn’t seem likely, walls actually accumulate germs. When the toilet flushes, toilet plume or microscopic particles, become airborne and spread all over the walls of the cubicle or room.

Food for thought, you don’t see janitors cleaning the walls of washrooms now, do you?

The cubicle door handle

Like the other parts of the washroom, the cubicle door handle will collect germs over time. It would the first thing to accumulate germs as people would touch the door handle of a washroom to enter it, before touching anything else in there.

Avoiding it is, well, frankly impossible. You have to make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after touching the door handles on your way out of the cubicle.

The door

Some people would think they’re smart by touching or elbowing the door itself rather than using the door handle to avoid germs. Though it sounds smart, the logic is like a glass half full.

While you do avoid the door handle which has plenty of germs, the door itself does accumulate germs over time. Don’t forget, flushing the toilet will cause a little excess toilet plume to go airborne and it can reach the toilet door.

The smartest solution to this is to use a tissue or a paper towel to make your way in and out of washrooms.

By Aaron
14th May 19:42

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