Pineapple fruits have a very rich taste, that offer many benefits to health. The nutrients that is contained in this fruit often used as a treatment for many kind of sickness, be it indigestion or even a remedy for allergies as well.

The nutritional benefits of this fruit are due to its high vitamin C as well as vitamin B1, Potassium and manganese. It also has nutrients to be offered such as antioxidants that help prevent disease formation.

What most people don’t know is that they are even more useful to humans than just refreshing juice drinks. Pineapple fruits contain phytonutrients that act as a remedy to reduce the symptoms of most types of diseases that we have today.

Below are among the benefits that pineapple have;

Rich in Vitamin C 
Pineapple fruits fulfiled 131% of your daily needs for antioxidants such as vitamin C. Vitamin C is commonly used to reduce colds and flu symptoms. Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin, plays an important role in maintaining the health of connective tissues in the body as it acts as an antioxidant.

The vitamin C contained in these pineapple fruits also helps to solve skin problems such as exposure to long sunlight or dry skin.

You can also make it as an ingredient to apply to your body. Its vitamin C can help your body fight the causes of cancer.

Rich in fiber
Fiber-rich fruits can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Fiber can also lower blood glucose levels. Type 2 diabetes may show signs of recovery of blood sugar, lipids and insulin.

Know that a medium-sized pineapple contains about 13 grams of fiber. Therefore, it is a good step to maximize your health. Due to its high fiber content, one of the benefits is that it helps prevent constipation and improves digestive tract health.

Increase your fertility
Studies have shown that taking antioxidant-rich fruits can help prevent infertility. This is because free radicals affect the system.

Fruits that are rich with antioxidants such as pineapple will respond to these free radicals and are highly recommended for those who are trying to conceive. The antioxidant in pineapple such as vitamin C, carotene and vitamins and minerals such as copper all affect the fertility level of men and women.

Antioxidants have been shown to help improve blood flow and regenerate tissues efficiently in the developing organs and thus improve sperm production.

Prevent cardiovascular disease
Pineapple fruit improves the heart’s health due to fiber content, potassium and vitamin C. A study done shows that one of the benefits of pineapple is that it can protect the heart as a test has been done on laboratory mice.

The study concluded that pineapple juice can reduce the risk of heart disease and help improve the digestive system and absorption of substances.

High potassium intake will also help reduce the risk of stroke, protect the muscles, preserve mineral content in the bone and prevent the formation of corals.

Fruits that are rich in potassium can also lower blood pressure levels. Pineapple fruit is also capable of improving heart health due to its amazing bromelain content.

Prevent asthma
Beta-catorine contained in plants such as pineapple has the potential to reduce the risk of asthma. Toxins, poor nutrition, contamination, and lack of antibiotics and stress play a major role in the development of asthma.

All of these factors can cause inflammation but pineapple has the ability to reduce it due to its detoxifying ability.

Maintain mental health
One of the benefits of pineapple is that it helps to boost the spirit and helps reduce stress and overall wellness. Pineapple which is a good source of tryptophan amino acids is used by the body to produce sufficient serotonin which is one of our “happy hormones”.

Consumption of adequate amino acids in addition to other nutrients such as B vitamins is essential to support your nervous system for the function of energy production and the production of good hormones.

Reduces inflammation
The benefits of pineapple include its ability to help people with arthritis and joint pain as Bromelain is available to speed up the healing process followed by surgery. It is also very effective in treating anxiety and can also reduce pain.

Bromelain reacts to inflammation by blocking the metabolites that cause swelling. It also acts to reduce swelling by activating a chemical in the blood that can break down fibrin and thus reduce swelling.

Bromelain is also often recommended to be taken before the surgery to speed up the healing process and reduce the inflammation that commonly occurs after the surgery.

By Nurul
14th May 2020 20:40

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