Yup, believe it or not, inflammation can be affected by what you eat on a daily basis. You should pay attention to what you’re eating, if you’re suffering from any pain or swelling.

White bread

Inflammation can be caused in the body by consuming wheat products like white bread and pasta, which are mostly carbohydrates. “Refined wheat flours have been stripped of their slow-digesting fiber and nutrients, which means the body can break down these foods very quickly,” says endovascular surgeon at NYC Surgical Associates, Christopher Hollingsworth, MD.

Our blood sugar levels go up or down depending on how fast our bodies break down these carbs. Since white bread and pasta contain refined wheat flours that can be broken down very quickly, there will be a spike in insulin, which will inevitably lead to inflammation, according to Dr. Hollingworth.

Fried foods

Many people are well aware that French fries are loaded with oil and empty calories. No surprise that it’s not the healthiest choice, though fries taste good. What we don’t know is what else it does to your body other than raising concerns for obesity.

“Research has shown that individuals who eat a diet high in deep-fried foods show a higher prevalence of inflammatory markers,” says a public health physician and healthcare executive from St. Louis, Obianuju Helen Okoye. MD.

As tempting as it is to hop over to Mcdonald’s for a bag of fries, I suggest you reconsider, especially if you have any swelling or pain.

Omega-6 oil

Though a diet rich in omega fatty acids does sound healthy, the facts prove otherwise. Serious inflammation can be caused by over consuming omega-6 oil. Don’t get me wrong! We still need to have a daily intake of omega-6 and omega-3 oils as its not naturally produced in our bodies. Moderation is key.

“Omega-6s are highly inflammatory and promote chronic disease,” says the author of The SEEDS Plan, Jennie Ann Freiman, MD. Limiting the intake of oils like as corn, safflower, sunflower, soy, canola, peanut, cottonseed, and grapeseed was recommended by Dr. Freiman in order to avoid an imbalance. Best way to avoid this imbalance is to refrain from processed food where possible.


Sugar, the great source of energy and comfort for many. At this point, many of you out there realise that taking too much sugar increases your chance of developing Type 2 diabetes. What we don’t know, is that sugar can cause inflammation throughout your entire body.

“Sugar, dyes, and preservatives all cause inflammation. Foods that cause inflammation do so by damaging the gut lining leading to leaky gut,” says an integrative pediatrician in Los Angeles, Joel Warsh, MD.

Our gut lining is thin which allows nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream but it can be damaged easily. Leakage in the gut lining can lead food particles to enter the bloodstream, which in turn can cause total body inflammation, according to Dr. Warsh.

Carbonated Drinks, i.e., Sodas

Sodas like Coke or F&N are a favourite to many, but the bad news is its high inflammatory properties. Women who drank the most soda had the highest level of biomarkers (or characteristics) of inflammation according to a research by Journal of Nutrition back in 2018. These high levels increases cardiovascular risk when compared to women who drank less soda.

Deli meat

Eating deli meat once in a while is perfectly fine unless you consume it very frequently. There’s a valid reason why one should avoid deli meat. “Processed meats such as deli meat contain more advanced glycation end products (AGEs) than most other meats,” says Dr. Hollingsworth.

“AGEs are inflammatory compounds that are created when the meats are dried, smoked, or otherwise processed and cooked at high temperatures.”

AGEs are one of the causes of inflammation and will leads to chronic diseases like colon cancer according to Dr. Hollingworth.


I don’t know which to like more about donuts, the topping or the taste of the donut itself. Commonly perceived as a policeman’s favourite food, donuts will cause serious inflammation over time due to the large amounts of sugar and trans fats.

“When the body encounters an imbalance, such as in blood glucose levels, the immune system is flagged and inflammation is triggered,” says Dr. Hollingsworth.

“These spikes in sugar can increase the body’s levels of pro-inflammatory messengers called cytokines.”

Inflammation and heart problems are also caused by the trans-fatty acids in the doughnuts.

These are some of the main foods that worsen inflammation. Many of these foods are hard to avoid because they’re undeniably tasty. Completely cutting off these foods is not the solution, as once again, moderation is the key. Including some healthy anti-inflammatory foods (which will be covered in another topic) will help manage inflammation as well.

By Aaron
12th May 19:04

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