Whenever we hear the term dark circles under the eyes, we immediately think that sleep deprivation is involved. Today we will go through what we should know about dark circles.

Firstly, dark circles can appear in several colours, not just black. They can appear dark brown, blue or black, all of which depends on your skin colour. People tend to use cosmetics to cover up their dark circles to look better, as they tend to be unappealing.

There could be multiple reasons for a person to have dark circles other than sleep deprivation. It could be related to aging, diet or your very lifestyle that causes your dark circles.

A scientific reason for dark circles being visible underneath our eyes are due to hyperpigmentation, i.e., patches caused by overproduction of melanin which could be caused by the constriction of blood vessels underneath the eyes.

Another possible reason for hyperpigmentation could be from the skin around the eyes thinning.

Other reasons that lead to dark circles are: frequent rubbing of the eyes, smoking, natural aging, hay fever, allergies, too much sunlight, genes inherited from your parents, anaemia, bad sleeping habits, dehydration, and dermatitis.

The aging process contributes to dark circles as your body starts lowering the production of fatty tissues which leads to thinning of skin around the eyes. The hollows under the eyes that can cause dark circles are known as tear troughs.

Ethnicity also plays a part as dark circles are seen more in people with darker skin tones.

For some cases, dark circles could be hereditary, meaning you could inherit this trait from your parents. According to research, if someone has dark circles while having other family members with dark circles, it could be deduced that it runs in the family.

Some Remedies for Dark Circles

One of the most obvious remedies for dark circles is to get better sleep. Ensuring that one gets a good night’s sleep has worked in many cases. Yes, this means turning off your phone before you sleep, to prevent the blue light emitted from it from keeping you awake.

Tea Bags

Another common remedy to reduce dark circles is the use of tea bags. This is because tea has caffeine which has antioxidant properties and other substances found in tea, which stimulate better blood circulation which good for the skin around the eyes.

After boiling up two pots of tea, simply remove the tea bags from the pot and leave them to cool for a while; otherwise you could potentially burn the sensitive skin around your eyes leading to a whole new problem. If you are paranoid of this scenario, let the tea bags cool off in the fridge.

After the tea bags are cool, place them on each eye for 5 to 10 minutes. It is more ideal if you use tea bags from the fridge, as you will get the added benefit of a cooling sensation.

Facial Massage

As stated above, one of the reasons a person has dark circles could be from poor blood circulation. For this reason, a facial massage would be excellent therapy for this scenario.

Massaging the skin around the eye area can improve the blood circulation which will improve the current state of the dark circles. Make sure you massage the skin gently, not roughly as the skin around the eyes is sensitive; otherwise you will face a totally different problem of sagging skin.

Cold Compress

Using a cold compress can reduce the appearance of dark circles. Place a cold compress at the area of the dark circles and hold it there for 5 to 10 minutes. It is said that a cold compress can constrict the blood vessels in the skin near your eyes, thus reducing the dark circles.

Skin Care Products

You can purchase skin care products containing antioxidants (Vit C and Vit E) that may help reduce dark circles under the eyes. Usage of a good cosmetic concealer will hide dark circles temporarily.

Medical Treatments

There are other medical treatments available, e.g., chemical peels, but they should only be carried out by a qualified health practitioner or dermatologist after prior consultation.

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29th April 23:15

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