Acupuncture is known by many as a traditional Chinese form of treatment involving the insertion of very fine thin needles at certain pressure points located on several parts of the body.

It was testified by many of its ability to relieve pain, though that’s not the only thing an acupuncturist will think about.

For an acupuncurists, the goal of inserting the needles at specific parts of the body is to rebalance their energy. They say that boosted wellbeing and curing some illnesses are the results of balancing one’s energy.

Some of the conditions that benefit from acupuncture include problems with blood pressure, whooping cough, headaches, colds, just to name a few.

How acupuncture works is through the balance of the “yin” and “yang” of qi or chi, life force in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed in traditional Chinese medicine that illnesses are caused by an imbalance between these energies, yin being negative energy and yang being positive energy.

Harmonious balance between yin and yang is essential for good health in traditional Chinese medicine. Qi is believed to flow like a river through pathways in the human body which are known as meridians.

There are 350 acupuncture points in the body allow access to these meridians and energy flows. When needles are inserted in these pressure points along with the right combinations, it is believed the needles revert the flow of energy back into balance.

Though science has trouble proving that acupuncture points and meridians all do exist, it is also hard to disprove it as well, since acupuncture does benefit certain conditions.

Some experts say that acupuncture points are areas where muscles, nerves and connective tissues could be stimulated by needles. When the points are stimulated from the needles, blood flow increases throughout the body as well as activating the body’s natural painkillers.


Now comes a list of benefits that come from acupuncture. Firstly, it relieves stress. Acupuncture can lower the hormones that cause stress, reduce anxiety, and maintains the mood throughout the day.

Inflammation and swelling have known to be reduced by acupuncture. This would include back pain, tension in the neck and even joint pain found in the arms and legs.

According to acupuncturists, eye strain is often linked to the tension found in the neck area. When acupuncturists treat the neck, many eye problems are relieved like myopia (when the eyes are short-sighted) presbyopia, hypermetropia (when the eyes are long sighted), night blindness, glaucoma, astigmatism, amblyopia (lazy eyes), colour blindness, diplopia and cataract.

Mental clarity is reported by many patients to be improved with acupuncture as well as an increase in overall energy. This could be because of the improved quality of sleep that is gained after acupuncture. On that note, the act of acupuncture could also aid with sleeping disorders like insomnia.

The digestive system is given relief from acupuncture as it helps regulate it. Even gastrointestinal problems can be solved from acupuncture.

For smokers, acupuncture helps one to quit the habit of smoking. Acupuncture has the ability to halt the urge to smoke, lessen irritability and aids in repairing the tissue of the lungs.

In addition to this, it detoxifies the body and gives a great sensation of relaxation.

Allergy symptoms can be reduced by acupuncture. It has been said that acupuncture can strengthen one’s body in preparation before an allergy season begins.

As with any form of treatment, acupuncture has some unavoidable side effects, the main issue being bleeding or possible bruising at the needle insertion point. A patient may feel faint, suffer convulsions or skin irritation, and in some cases a patient may contract Hepatitis B when needles are not sterilised or possibly re-used.

All said, it can be noted the benefits of acupuncture outweigh the risks. You are strongly advised to seek treatment only from licensed acupuncturists whose clinics and equipment are sterile and well sanitised. Do inquire if you can get a new set of needles that you can retain for future treatment sessions.

By Aaron
29th April 23:15

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