Fasting is when one abstains from eating for a period of time, usually performed by people with a religious background (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, etc).

Many studies have revealed that fasting does in fact produce health benefits for us.

One of the benefits is weight loss of course, as one abstains from eating from his or her daily meal times, the calorie intake and weight would of course be less. Because of this, many people have included fasting in the methods for dieting and weight loss.

Inflammation can be reduced from fasting. It is known that inflammation is connected to chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

A study conducted had 50 adults with no medical conditions or illness to fast for one month. The results showed that the participants showed an obvious decrease in their inflammation levels on their inflammatory markers.

The same effect is seen in people who fast for 12 hours a day for a single month.

Studies also reveal that fasting can be beneficial for the health of your heart. One of these studies showed that LDL cholesterol (known as the bad cholesterol) was reduced from fasting by 25 percent whereas the blood triglycerides were reduced by 32 percent as a result from fasting.

Another one of these studies had 4,629 people participate in fasting. The results showed a decrease in the risk of diabetes and a decrease of risk of coronary artery disease.

Fasting has shown great results for brain health though several studies have only proven this from experiments on animals.

There is potential in boosting the brain performance with fasting. This potential is seen in a study using mice. The mice underwent fasting for 11 months and showed improved brain function.

What’s really interesting here is that the brain structure of the mice was improved when it was examined by the researchers.

The researchers also found that fasting could protect the health of the brain while experimenting on animals. The cognitive function of these animals was also enhanced from the fasting as their nerve cell generation increased.

It was hinted that those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease can be improved from fasting. It was also noted from experimenting with animals that fasting could also protect against such diseases.

Our HGH (human growth hormone), a key hormone for metabolism, muscle strength, growth and weight loss, can in fact be naturally increased from fasting.

A study has 11 people participate in a 24 hour fast which revealed a significant boost in the HGH levels of the participants.

One other study had 9 men fast for 48 hours. This led to the increase of HGH production rate by 5-fold.

Blood sugar and insulin levels appeared steady during the fast which is ideal for those who suffer from diabetes. What’s astonishing here is that when one sustains insulin levels, a reduction of HGH level tend to decrease in a normal scenario but in fasting the HGH levels are increased and the insulin level is steady.

Probably one of the best benefits to mention, delaying the aging process. A study conducted revealed that rats lived 83 percent longer if they fasted every other day. The impact it has on humans need to be further studied before we can fully conclude this benefit but the animal tests do look promising.

In conclusion, there are benefits from fasting that we should not overlook. Fasting should be done sensibly and not starve yourself to the point of death. Remember, you want to abstain yourself, not starve yourself.

By Aaron
28th April 22:58

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