Coke is an extremely popular beverage and a favourite to many. We are told from time to time that this drink is bad for you, that your teeth will drop off. But what really makes coke bad for you. Let’s go through the facts.

It Rots the Teeth

As many of us know and are aware of, coke will rot our teeth if we drink it over long periods of time. This is because of the acids found in coke. These acids do more damage to your teeth compared to your average chocolate bar or lollipop.

In the long run, your teeth will be more sensitive and more susceptible to decay.

Similar to Heroin

For those of you who are not aware, coke does have caffeine in its contents. The caffeine that is found in coke just takes 40 minutes to be absorbed by the body, causing your blood pressure to increase and the pupils in your eyes to dilate.

5 minutes after this process is done, dopamine (neurotransmitter that controls the pleasure or reward region of your brain) production will increase. Research indicates that because of these two factors, coke will produce the same effects of heroin, giving you the craving to drink another can right after your first one.

It is estimated that around an hours’ time, the person will feel the sugar crash, with the symptoms of drowsiness and irritability. Also, it increases the chances of developing hypertension.

When a person urinates after the consumption of coke, the body excretes the liquid along with vital nutrients from the body.

No Nutritional Benefits

Unless someone is looking for a quick sugar rush, coke does not have any nutritional benefit, none. It’s useful if one wishes gain a little weight but other than that its nothing beneficial.

In terms of energy and staying awake, you’re better off drinking your morning coffee for that.

Bone Problems

Researchers from the Tufts University concluded that consuming coke over long periods of time will lead to weaker bones and a chance of contracting osteoporosis.

It was also noted that even when people took care of their calcium and vitamin D intake, they still exhibited four percent decrease in their bone density.

High Sugar Content

We can see at the back of every coke can showing how much sugar there is in a single can. It has ten teaspoons of sugar in each can of coke. That’s right, 10.

With so much sugar found in each of these cans of soda, we can easily draw conclusions as to why people love to drink coke frequently tend to gain weight quickly.

This will be very evident in the abdominal area if the person continues to chug down his coke without restraint.

The high sugar content of coke can increase the risk of diabetes (a condition where the body stop producing enough insulin).

The Colouring of Coke

Most of us won’t think to question ourselves whether the colouring they use for coke will have any effects on us. Well it does. How they accomplish the caramel colour of coke is through a process that involves ammonia and sulfites to react together under high temperatures to give us that popular colour that we know and love.

This leads to the increase risk of contracting cancer.

Though it has many consequences when consumed very frequently, people will not stop taking this drink due to the fact that its sweet and tasty. So, to prevent any serious problems, its recommended to just take a maximum of 2 cans a day.

By Aaron
28th April 22:58

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