Surgical removal of an appendix namely appendicectomy is the most frequently performed surgery in most of the surgery rooms across the world.

You must be hearing it a lot, that someone who was attacked with appendicitis (an inflammatory condition of the appendix) have to undergo a surgery to remove it.

Where is your appendix located?

apendix location
The appendix is a small thin tube, a roughly four-inch-long tube that is located in your lower right abdomen, in between your small intestine and large intestine.

It is still unclear what appendix does in the body and the removal of the organ does not seem to affect or bring any negative health consequences. Due to the frequency of surgery performed to remove the organ, some say that the appendix’s function was only for removal and used as a source of income for doctors.

Of course, it is merely a joke and not accurate at all. There is no way that an organ exists in a human’s body for no reason.

What is the role of an Appendix?
Among the most mentioned functions of an appendix in our body, it provides support to our immune system or enhance our body endurance.

It sits at the beginning of the colon. The number of germs in the stool contained in the large intestine, are exposed to the appendix. It reacts by providing protection to the body through the lymphatic tissue, which carries the white blood cells needed to fight infections inside it.

For fetuses and young adults, the appendix plays a role as early as the enlargement of the uterus. It produces a number of hormones that contribute to the fetal developmental process.

On the other hand, this organ might be a ‘house’ for useful bacteria in your body. These useful bacteria promote good digestion and support your immune system as well.

Why happens when your appendix becomes inflamed?
Appendicitis may occur as an appendix is clogged where liquid, food, or feces are accumulating inside and cause inflammation.

It is often caused by a bacterial infection that travels to the appendix from the stomach. It may also occur from a hardened piece of stool in your intestinal tract.

The symptoms of appendicitis may vary from one another. Some will experience fever, vomits, or even pain in the lower part of the abdomen.

If you ever encountered appendicitis, the condition might be life-threatening to you if you leave it untreated without medical attention.

The best way to get rid of the appendicitis is by undergoing an appendix surgery, also known as appendectomy. There are two ways to treat it:

1. Traditional surgery (open surgery)
2. Laparoscopy (minimally invasive surgery)

However, it depends on the size of the tumor in the appendix itself. If it is too big, the major surgery has to be done in an attempt to remove it.

For those of you who may not know, the doctor may opt to use antibiotics to treat appendicitis rather than performing surgery for uncomplicated cases. It is an effective option and the ability to reduce the risk of complications by at least 31%.

By Nurul
28th April 2020 12:43

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