For those of you out there who poop nearly right after having a nice cup of coffee, have you actually wondered why that happens? We know that the caffeine in coffee keeps us awake throughout the day, but what exactly is in coffee that makes us want to do our business after we drink it?

Well that’s exactly what we’re going to write about today in this article.

Its suggested in a few studies that coffee tends to stimulate the contractions of the colon and the intestinal muscles, making it easier to have number 2’s.  A study revealed that coffee will make the colon 60 percent more active than water and 23 percent more active than decaf coffee.

Though its 23 percent less active than actual coffee, decaf also stimulates the activation and contraction of the colon and intestinal muscles as well.

Hormones Stimulated from Coffee

One reason why its easier to poop after drinking a cup of coffee is the hormone called gastrin. Gastrin makes the colon more active; think of it as waking up the muscles in your stomach. This hormone can be stimulated and increased with the consumption of coffee.

Along with gastrin, another hormone called cholecystokinin (CCK) is a digestive hormone that can further increase the ease of pooping by increasing the movement of the food in the colon as well as increasing the gastrocolic reflex making the colon more active.

How Decaf Stimulates Pooping as Well

As stated earlier above, decaf can also help you poop. Studies show that two compounds from decaf; namely chlorogenic acids and N-alkanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamides, can stimulate the production of stomach acid.

Food is churned easier from stomach acid, making it easier to move quickly through the gut hence an easier time to poop.

The Milk and Cream from Coffee Promotes Bowel Movement

It common to see milk and cream added to coffee. Let’s face it, it tastes better. But milk and cream also play a part in helping us do our business in the morning.

This is because of lactose. Many people in Asian countries are in fact lactose intolerant. Because of this, people who drink coffee with too much cream or milk will experience stomach cramps along with bloating and in some cases diarrhoea.

If you are one who takes coffee with plenty of milk or cream and suffer stomach cramps within a few minutes, its an obvious indication that your body is not very tolerant to lactose.


In a study for this topic, 29 percent of a group of participants felt the urge to poop after consuming coffee.

The interesting part of this study is that 53 percent of the female participants were affected by this urge. This study showed that women were more prone to the effects of coffee compared to men. Its possible that this could be linked with women having more irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) compared to men.

It is unclear whether people who frequently drink coffee will experience less of the urge to poop over time. Further studies on this subject, will be needed to conclude this theory.

In conclusion, there many reasons why you will have the urge to poop right after your morning coffee. Is it bad? Is it harmful? The answer is no. So enjoy your coffee and don’t fret. It does not impact your health in any negative way.

By Aaron
27th April 23:16

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