Cardio exercise is one of the most frequently done exercise in gyms nowadays. You can see people in gyms running on treadmills and doing jump rope on the side. Even jogging in the park is considered a milder form of cardio.

But why exactly do people even bother doing cardio exercises? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article today.

The first and obvious reason on everyone’s mind to do cardio exercise, is to lose excess weight. Its very common these days to see overweight people with a lot of excess weight sweating it out in gyms doing cardio exercise. It’s their first choice of exercise for people who wants become fit but currently aren’t.

Speaking of being fit, a good cardio workout will make your heart pump harder, making sure your blood flow circulates efficiently to send oxygen to where its needed, ie, to your muscles. This ensures your heart is also getting a good workout.

The lungs also need to work harder to efficiently provide the heart a continuous supply of fresh oxygen as the body will need more oxygen during exercise, and simultaneously remove the build-up of carbon dioxide. So, a benefit of doing cardio is increased lung function, and cardio is also related to a chain reaction of other bodily functions of which make one’s body fit and healthy.

Doing cardio has been medically shown to reduce one’s risk for cardiac arrest and lowers your blood pressure. However, heart patients must do this with caution due to their existing condition. Heart patients should always seek the advice of their medical practitioner (not personal trainer) before attempting any form of challenging cardio workouts.

The same benefits are seen for those with asthma, as people who suffer from asthma who frequently do cardio exercises at a slower pace, show signs of lesser asthma attacks and less severe symptoms of it.

Aside from cardiovascular health, cardio is beneficial for those who suffer type 2 diabetes. Its scientifically proven to lower the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and helps regulate insulin levels as well as the body’s blood sugar. Along with this, it can also lessen the symptoms of cancer.

Rather than wasting time with other methods of stress relief that may or may not work, cardio exercise itself has scientifically proven that stress relief is one of the big benefits. With that being said, you can stop spending money on your cigarettes for stress relief and start doing cardio instead.

After a cardio exercise, your body will release endorphins, making you feel good, giving relief from stress, anxiety, and depression for the time being.

Do you know that resistance and strength-based workouts can strengthen and increase your bone density? Well you can do the same with cardio as well! You just need to use strap-on weights on your legs and arms to give you that resistance, thus making the workout harder and increasing your overall strength while at the same time, doing cardio.

If you are like me, someone who has trouble falling asleep at night, try cardio exercise. Many people have experienced first hand that cardio exercise aids them to get better quality sleep, allowing them to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to handle the demanding tasks of the next day.

Following the benefit stated above, you’ll be able to think clearer throughout the day (clarity of thought) as your well-rested brain will perform better the next day after a cardio workout and a good night’s sleep.

Though not emphasized a lot, cardio exercises like running on a treadmill or jogging in a park, does in fact improve your balance as you do it over time. Some people have the tendency to trip and fall when they first run on a treadmill or in a park, but after some time as a person’s balance improves and with proper technique, those trips and falls are significantly reduced.

As can be read from the above, the benefits of cardio exercise are numerous. So why not go to your local gym and start your cardio workout by simply walking on a treadmill, before progressing to jogging and running. Gym membership too expensive for you? Put on your walking shoes and head on straight to your neighbourhood park or recreation centre for a power walk!

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22nd April 2020 22:21

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