As we know, vaping is very popular all around the world especially among the younger generation. Some use it as a means to cut off actual smoking from their lives, as the nicotine content is believed to be less though the facts are inconclusive. Today we’ll discuss the actual reason why the younger generation enjoy vaping, notably the teens.


People will debate on the topic that vaping is worse than smoking due to people vaping more on a daily basis compared to a smoker smoking on a daily basis, thus accumulating more nicotine in their lungs. This debate is pointless and a total waste of time as it won’t solve anything. People will still vape regardless of it being more potent than smoking. There’s even evidence from video footage of people suffering the effects of vaping, something that should put the general public off vaping but does not. Even online articles would discuss in greater detail how vaping will affect you in the long run. So why do people still continue to vape.


One obvious reason is addiction. Its safe to assume many would condemn me at this moment for making such an atrocious comment in this article. But facts are facts. I have seen first hand of people telling that “they’re not addicted to vaping, they just need it”which is a outright admittance of addiction right there, just intelligently rephrased. You see, habits don’t just appear out of nowhere, it starts somewhere.


A person could take one puff and say there’s nothing addictive about this. After a few seconds or minutes, you’ll start seeing the person coming back for another smaller puff. Anyone with common sense will see where I’m going with this. No? Then I’ll explain it. One puff will lead to hundreds on a daily basis as the habit progresses. Think of it as programming the mind. The more you do something, the more familiar you become with it. Its the same concept as learning, but in this case its addiction. Life is funny right?


Now think back when you were younger. As a young child, being awarded candy by a teacher for doing well in school or being brave after a doctor injected you with a vaccine, you will notice that candy is sweet and delicious. This would drive one to do even better in school or get on the good side of their parents to get more candy because it tastes good. Without parents to control how much candy their children consume, they could practically empty an entire cookie jar if left unchecked. Those in charge of the vaping industry knows this well and took advantage of this.


Since the harmful effects of smoking was heavily educated to children to prevent such severe effects, the businessmen used a different approach. Instead of the typical smokey and ashy smell you get from average cigarettes, they approach the younger generation with a sweet smelling vape that could even attract little children.


For the early stages the vaping industry can its safe with no evidence that it affects the lungs, a statement that convinces many people. After this the teens would enjoy the flavors and vape to their hearts content. From the taste alone, people would justify that its better than smoking. Its the same concept of food. When you eat food at a restaurant and have tasty food, naturally you would say this is good. But let’s say it leads to an upset stomach moments later, maybe even full blown diarrhea, would you still say its good? I don’t think so. For those of you who says this isn’t possible, it has happened to me several times, believe me its not a pleasant feeling.


So back to the main point, vaping is attractive to teens because the flavors are undeniably tasty, and people will argue on and on that there is no proof of lung damage or any sign of nicotine in them. Its a very cunning strategy they use in order to sell and make a huge profit. Now I’m not here to judge as I used to vape like the teenagers in this current age. But bear in mind, there are more and more footage and evidence showing that it isn’t such a great idea.

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By Aaron
21st April 2020 20:00

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