Most of the world today works by sitting and staring at a laptop or computer for 8 hours a day. While technology can bring us many benefits such as speeding up jobs, minimizing energy and connecting us as fast as we can, it still has many disadvantages.

Sitting for too long can lead to many problems such as chronic back pain, poor posture and can even cause diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

If you are a longtime employee of your office, see how it can have a specific effect on your health according to 4 industry experts:

Brain, neck and shoulder issues
Moving our bodies will cause more blood and oxygen to flow to the brain while helping us maintain clarity and sharpness of mind.

However, sitting for too long will cause blood and oxygen to the brain to slow down and impair our ability to think.

Also, bending down on a chair for the purpose of looking at a computer screen will put great pressure on your neck especially the cervical vertebrae that connect the spine to your head.

Poor posture can also damage the back and shoulder muscles due to the individual’s need to stoop to computer screens and keyboards for long periods of time.

Back problems
One of the most common problems most workers face is back problems. Poor posture during work may result in back pain, inaccurate spine and disc damage.

Frequently moving, the disc will soften between the vertebrae in the spine to expand and contract, allowing blood and nutrients to flow.

By sitting too long, the disk will become unstable and dense and cause collagen to form in the tendons and ligaments.

In addition, herniated lumbar disks are also more common in individuals who spend long periods of time sitting in front of a computer.

Muscle deterioration
Sitting for too long does not require the use of Ab muscles and if it is not used for too long, this will result in swayback which is the spine in an unnatural position.

In addition, sitting too long will also reduce flexibility especially in the waist and back.

Flexible waist can help stabilize the body.

However, sitting too long will cause the flexor muscles to become shorter and tighter.

Gluteus muscles will also become softer as they are not used for long periods of time and this will limit the body’s ability to go further and maintain body stability.

Organ deterioration
Sitting for too long can lead to heart disease, cardiovascular disease and colon cancer.

In other words, this problem is caused by overproduction of insulin due to inactivity which slows blood flow to the organs in the body.

Frequently, cells that cause cancer can be killed and thus secrete antioxidants that can get rid of free radicals before they spread.

Overproduction of insulin can also lead to weight gain that contributes to diabetes and obesity.

Foot trouble
Obviously, sitting too long will limit blood flow to the legs.

This causes blood to accumulate in the spleen and causes swelling, blood clots and varicose veins.

Another issue that will result from sitting for too long is that the bones become weaker and less dense.

This may explain why many adult individuals develop osteoporosis.

According to the study, individuals who watch television over the age of 8.5 years have a 61% greater risk of dying at a young age compared to individuals who watch television less than an hour a day.

So how can we fight this epidemic?
First and foremost, if you still need to sit for long periods of time to do the work, be sure to sit upright and avoid bending over your keyboard.

If you still have to do it, buy an exercise ball, which can help your Ab muscles to work while keeping your posture straight.

You can also use a chair with no back if you want something more stable than an exercise ball.

Second, make sure you get up to sneeze occasionally. How often does this need to be done?

According to experts, it should be done at least once every 30 minutes.

Get up and walk around your office for a few minutes to ensure that your blood flow to the brain and muscles works optimally.

Third, yoga can help the muscles to be more flexible while also allowing the mind to relax from any work stress.

You can also buy a work desk that allows you to do the work yourself as it is the best position to do the job.

This helps blood and oxygen flow more freely throughout the body while reducing the risk of blood clots and a host of other harmful health problems.

By Nurul
20th April 2020 20:15

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