I usually try to squeeze in about an hour’s workout each evening or night at home, doing bodyweight and strength exercises. Today’s I am going to write about a new piece of gym equipment called the mighty YBELL, that I find very useful for a host of exercises. Yes, it’s really called a YBELL, and it has been included into my exercise routine in more ways than one.


For many, exercising at home mean making use of whatever basic stuff is available at home minus all the fancy exercise machines available at normal gyms. Improvision is a necessity when space is a major constraint. I have some basic stuff like weights, stability ball, resistance bands, a flight of stairs, pull up bar and my body weight to work with. However, I am constantly reminded of my space constraints and thankfully have not broken or damaged anything of value at home so far.


My exercise routine is usually kept pretty simple and short. However time saved on travelling due to the ongoing MCO, has allowed me to work out slightly longer, and using the YBELL has made it easier for me to squeeze in more exercises with just one piece of equipment.


What is a YBELL?

A bit on the history of the invention of the YBELL. This innovative piece of equipment was invented back in 2016 by an experienced fitness instructor, Aaron Laurence, who was and is still conducting fitness classes on the famous Bondi Beach in Australia. Aaron has his special programme of High Intensity Resistance training, which involved the usage of medicine balls, kettlebells and dumbbells. Getting all the equipment required down to the beach and setting up everything took up at least half an hour, and getting everything back onto the truck after class was over, took another half a hour. And the larger the group was, the more equipment Aaron had to haul up and down Bondi Beach. Another drawback was his trainees had to do unplanned sprints to chase and retrieve medicine balls before they reached the water fronts and got swallowed up by the sea.

Aaron’s solution was to invent one piece of equipment to incorporate into everything he was doing, and more. And so came the birth of the YBELL, a triangular multi-functional piece of equipment with 6 different grips. YBELLs were introduced in Malaysia earlier this year through the local sole distributor, PFC Studio, located in Plaza Damas, KL. (ww.pfc.my)


My YBELLs arrived just about the start of the MCO, and my first comment is about the grip, which is excellent. There is no fear of it slipping out of my hands and dropping on my feet, or flying off as a kettlebell can, all due to the gripping nature of the material, so I am very confident when I perform arm swinging exercises which are traditionally done with kettlebells.


I follow an online exercise on how to use YBELLs as a medicine ball, dumbbell, ketttlebell just by changing the grip, and an additional feature is that it can be used as a pushup stand. And you have to believe me when I say the exercises are definitely challenging to execute, with me normally throwing in towel after just two sets.


Since I started doing a variety of pushups using the YBELL, I find my wrists tend to ache less. I can perform normal pushups and with a small adjustment in the position of the YBELLs, I move on to my favorite diamond pushups. By simply changing the grip, I also use it as a dumbbell for curls, extensions and lunges, squats, and with another change of grip I can use it for medicine ball related exercises.


YBELLs are easy to handle and convenient to carry around or stack up (space saving especially if you work out from home). With a bit of imagination, many traditional exercises like lunges, chest presses and arm curls / extensions can be done with just one piece of equipment – the YBELLs. The online workouts are challenging and give you an overall (not just upper body) workout. And the good thing about these exercises is you only need a bit of space to do a YBELL workout safely at home without breaking anything.

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By Aaron
20th April 2020 23:48

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