There are many views on Autism.  In the past, if a family member suffered from autism through no fault of theirs, he or she was ostracized, ie, cast aside, to prevent shame coming on the family. Over the years, people have become more educated and are more open to admit if a family member has autism. They also try to integrate the autistic family member into daily activities, and educate them to be as independent as possible


Persons suffering from autism are generally classified as living in his or her own world without a care for the real world.  For an autistic person, any form of socialising and any form of communication verbal or non-verbal, is kept to the bare minimum with close people like family members, and practically non-existent with strangers.  An autistic person is apparently happy to live in his or her own isolated world, and will refrain from getting involved in group activities.


Autism is basically defined as abnormalities or damage in certain parts of the brain.  Scientists are still trying to discover the root cause of this disease but find it difficult to narrow it down, as the brain is a very complex organ in charge of many functions, ie, it controls our movements and what we think and feel.


Autism is a disability found in some people which exhibits social, communication, and cognitive impairment. This is why people with the disability have hardship when they talk to others or join others in certain activities (play games, leisure, etc) The conditions of autism usually develop and is detectable before the age of 3.


This disability has a possibility having other medical conditions like asthma, sleeping disorders, epilepsy, feeding disorders, sensory integration disorders and many others. According to statistics, boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. Those who develop autism are not affected by race, region or even social status.


Though other medical conditions might come long with autism does not affect life expectancy of the individual, autistic people are more at danger than the average person in terms of drowning, falling, and other accidents as they are in a world of their own.


This disability can’t be cured though many of the symptoms can be improved and, in some cases, completely overcome if early steps taken with treatment. One thing to note about this is how autism varies for every autistic person. Two autistic people are not alike.


There are several therapies out there to help improve and overcome the symptoms of autism. For behavioural therapy, these consists of ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis), VB (Verbal Behaviour) and RDI (Relation Development Intervention). Then there’s therapies that are more engaging like occupational therapy, where the autistic are given tasks like going to school, working, or even taking care of pets. This form of therapy is good in the sense that it would allow them to feel a sense of meaning in their lives.


For their coordination, physical therapy would benefit them in many ways, first being to improve their stability so they wouldn’t fall so often and prevent other accidents. The second benefit they would gain from physical therapy is posture correcting as some autistic people tend to curl their bodies along with rocking it constantly like a cradle, which could lead to muscle stiffness or joint stiffness.


Next would be visual therapy, to help them differentiate things with their sight which could be lacking since birth but is attainable through this therapy.


Though they suffer with these impairments, most of them excel in other areas where the average person would struggle. Some autistic people are geniuses in music, have phenomenal calculative abilities, able to recall or remember more things than the average person and even have an amazing sense of art. These are some of the abilities that many normal people dream of having for themselves.


As mentioned above, early diagnosis and treatment would be the best solution to help the autistic person.

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18th April 2020 19:13

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