Have we ever wondered why it is difficult to start an exercise, as if it were something troubling or a time-consuming task from a busy daily schedule?

Many say, “Now that I’m very busy, maybe after my kids grow up, I’ll be exercising”; “After 40, I will exercise”; “I don’t have time now, I have to work 10 hours a day,” and so on.

You know, you should give priority to exercise. You should take the time to exercise more than those who have time for exercise or those who have weekend activities with the family.

Unsurprisingly, those who work for a long period of time, ignore the time to spend with family or relax, are not involved in any physical activity are people who are vulnerable to various health issues.

Failure to perform physical movements will not only make you weak and helpless but also deal with various illnesses.

Below is a symptom or consequence of a lack of physical movement and a “warning” to start it right away.

1. Get tired quickly

Do you feel tired even when eating and drinking enough? This means your body is “starving” and needs movement. The University of Georgia’s study recommends training 20 minutes 3 times a week so it can increase up to 20% energy.
2. Can’t sleep

Don’t complain if you have trouble sleeping, instead start your exercise immediately. Because exercise gives you quality sleep. Not only that, it also makes it easier for you to sleep and wake up.

A study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine by researchers from Northwestern University found that those who practiced exercise could sleep 1.25 hours longer than those who did not engage in physical activity.

2. Prone to illness

Some studies link daily exercise to the body’s immune system. Fitness expert Brandon Mentore says one needs to increase physical activity to stimulate muscle tissue to improve body defense. Mentore said that a sick body is a signal for a person to be physically active.

4. Your body is stiff

Have you ever felt stiff and stiff especially when it involves the back, shoulders and hips? This means that you have to move because of the lack of muscle and joints. At first you may feel pain because your muscles and joints have just adapted to physical movement.

5. You’re hungry

Many people find that moving rarely makes one less energy while reducing the need to eat. However, when the body does not move much, starvation occurs in a hidden state.
“The body’s inactivity and lack of movement cause excessive production of ghrelin hormones and causes you to eat too much throughout the day,” says personal trainer Amanda L Dale in Simple Most Health magazine.

6. The imbalance of feelings

It is common for women to have mood swings before the menstrual phase. But this is rare in those who exercise. This means that the imbalance of hormone-induced feelings can be corrected.

Exercise also reduces depression and controls your emotions. “If you feel sad, angry or scared and don’t know why, lack of training may be the answer,” Amanda added.

7. Problems with indigestion

Constipation is also said to be due to the lack of exercise. This exercise is important in stimulating the intestines and pumping the digestive system into the body until the ‘excess’ is released while avoiding constipation.

By Nurul
16th April 2020 22:07

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