Usually, cancer is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking.

However, did you know that obesity is also one of the leading causes of this fatal disease?

According to a recent study conducted by Cancer Research in the United Kingdom (UK), obese individuals are now more likely than smokers to have a 2:1 (ratio).

This alarming ratio may actually increase the risk of some types of cancer that are harmful to the global community.

Almost a third of adults in the UK suffer from obesity. Although smoking is a major cause of cancer, obesity is also one of the main causes.

Cancer Research also released an analysis that revealed that individuals with obesity are at greater risk for 4 different types of cancer.

According to a study in the UK each year, excess weight is one of the causes of colon cancer.

In addition, it is also the cause of many other cancers such as kidney, ovarian and liver cancer.

The following are the number of cases of this dangerous disease caused by obesity:

Intestinal cancer: 1,900 cases
Kidney cancer: 1,400 cases
Ovarian cancer: 460 cases
Liver cancer: 180 cases
Cancer Research has recently launched a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of the link between obesity and this dangerous disease.

Excess body fat signals the cells to divide more frequently.

This in turn damages the cells and increases the risk of cancer.

Campaigns that compare obesity and smoking to the causes of cancer are policies that can change an individual’s perception of a healthier life, rather than simply comparing food to tobacco.

According to Michelle Mitchell, Executive Director of Cancer Research in the UK, there are many links between smoking, obesity and this deadly disease.

“As smoking rates decline and obesity rates rise, we can see its impact on the national health crisis.

“Children should be a smoke-free generation but now we are surrounded by obesity among children which is also a worrying epidemic.

“Scientists have so far concluded that obesity can actually increase the risk of 13 types of cancer but the mechanism is difficult to understand.

“So further studies need to be conducted to find out the link between excess fat and the cause of cancer,” he said.

As such, he wants the government to help them achieve their ambition of reducing obesity rates by half by 2030.

Among the ideas presented were introducing advertising and warnings about the dangers of food and soft drinks on television and on various media platforms.

According to Professor Linda Bauld who is a Cancer Prevention and Researcher in the UK, smoking and eating habits are the leading cause of this dangerous disease.

“Thanks to advertising, warnings and prohibitions on smoking, smoking rates in the country are declining year after year. The same steps need to be taken to control obesity.”

“Yes, it is quite difficult to live a healthy life and we certainly need the help and action of the government to correct it. However, you also need to change it even if it is something as small as changing your diet and staying active to reduce the risk of this fatal disease, ”he said.

In conclusion, smoking is indeed one of the leading causes of cancer in individuals.

However, it may not be the only thing you should avoid and avoid.

Obesity is also a risk factor for this dangerous disease.

Therefore, control your nutrition so you are not at risk for obesity.

By Nurul
11th April 2020 21:11

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