Do you feel so tired to the point you start thinking that you’re not as young as you were back then? Or maybe there are scientific reasons to why you feel so tired?

As we know tiredness is the way the body tells you that it needs rest to handle the arduous tasks of the next day. But could the body be telling us other reasons why we are so tired? Let’s find out.


Bad Diet

We can get tired very easily when we don’t enough or eat the right types of food according to science and common sense. That’s why we need to adjust our diets according to what works for us. Different people, different metabolisms.

Eating properly would also determine how you feel throughout the rest of the day, so eat wisely!

Some changes you adjust in your daily meals and eating habits include:


  • Calorie intake which is dependant on your gender, age, weight and how active you are throughout the day.
  • Vitamin intake to maintain certain functions in the body is important. Fruits and vegetable have a surplus of various vitamins, so you don’t have to force yourself to eat a lot of them.
  • Carbs are important as it sustains the body’s energy level. Rice, oatmeal, bread, all that good stuff. Without carbs, you get no energy, no energy no work, simple as that.
  • Shift to low-fat and fat-free dairy to help limit your calories from saturated fats.
  • Protein is important to maintain your muscle mass, especially the same muscles you use every day. Chicken, pork, beef and fish are rich with the protein you need to sustain the muscles you use.
  • Take less sugar for obvious medical reasons. Take less, not cut off, there’s a big difference here to note.
  • Never skip meals. Skipping meals is a death wish because you literally starving yourself, so don’t do it, even for weight loss.
  • You need water to keep your hydration level normal. This is to prevent fatigue, mood changes, overheating and constipation.


Sedentary lifestyle

While the lockdown is at hand in the world right now, its easy to just sit down and do nothing. Sitting down all day, feeling lazy and later blaming Covid-19 isn’t going to help you.

This is why exercise is important. It helps maintain your energy level as its related to stamina. Stamina is well known to be developed from exercise.



As we know, stress can come from home, school, or your workplace. In fact, anywhere you go can be stressful in this day and age. The real problem is when one starts collecting building up stress throughout daily life and don’t know how deal with it.

Undealt stress leads to tiredness as constantly works the brain. Here are ways to deal with:

  • Talking and confiding your problems in your close friends and family is an effective way to reduce that load of stress in your mind.
  • Forgiving the unforgiven sins of your enemies is considered the best or one of the best ways to destress. Hanging on to all that bitterness helps no one.
  • As mentioned above, exercise. Working out helps clears your mind to think clearly and more effectively after the workout.

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10th April 2020 23:25

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