How often do you feel hungry? Or do you rarely let your stomach feel hungry because food is everywhere and you feed the food to your mouth almost all the time?

Then this is an appropriate article for your reading. This is because starvation actually has its own benefits to health. If you fast or treat your hunger with a certain method, you will experience some positive effects on your health.

Usually when you feel hungry and enjoy a meal, it gives it its own flavor. The dish tastes better and tastes better when eaten when hungry. And the ‘hunger’ opportunity should be taken with healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and boiled foods, especially for those who are dieting.

According to a report by Science Daily, moderate hunger before eating maintains low blood sugar levels including after meals. This has been proven by research involving a hungry and vice versa. The study found that moderately hungry groups had lower blood sugar levels compared to those who did not.

So how do you control hunger? Here we list some simple and healthy tricks to control your diet, avoid eating too much and thus lead to weight gain.

1. Drink black coffee or green tea.
It is important for us to always fill the body with healthy foods and drinks to keep our stomachs full and not hungry. A glass of green tea or black coffee can help with hunger. You are also advised to choose a caffeinated and healthier beverage.

2. Take more protein
High protein foods are good for keeping your body full longer. Protein takes time to digest, improves metabolism and can help build muscle without increasing fat levels in the body. Some high-protein foods are edible, including peanuts, chicken breast and more.

3. Don’t delay or avoid breakfast
Make sure you don’t miss breakfast. This is because breakfast will help you stay strong and automatically suppress your hunger and desire to eat more.

4. High fiber diet
Dietary fiber actually makes the digestive process easier and prevents the absorption of fat by the body. Among them are cereals, vegetables and fruits.

5. Drink plenty of water
Water is the most wonderful drink to stay full. Drink plenty of water, especially between mealtimes or during hunger. Water has no calories and it keeps the body hydrated and facilitates digestion and drainage. In addition, water is also good for skin health.

But then, do you know why are you hungry? Here’s why..

1. Depression. Eating is often associated with depression and mental stress. This may be because an individual does not have enough ‘happy’ hormones called serotonin and by taking fatty foods such as bread or pasta at least can ease his anxiety

“No one will eat a tomato or a celery when he is saddened.”

2. Pressure. Anger will cause the stress hormone called cortisol to flow throughout the body which in turn affects you to eat. Although generally you do not feel hungry. It turns out you didn’t need any calories at that time but the ‘bad’ hormones will tell your brain that you haven’t eaten enough. That’s why we often see people who are under stress eating a lot without realizing it.

3. Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism. You eat a lot but are still lean and hard to gain weight? Well, you may have Hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is a type of symptom in which your thyroid gland produces too much hormone that forces your body to eat too much.

The thyroid is an endocrine organ (hormone) that speeds up all the processes that go on in the body and if your metabolism is active it will indirectly boost your appetite and keep you hungry. Other symptoms that can be measured if you have Hyperthyroidism are hair loss, brittle nails, tiredness and fatigue and mood swings.

Obesity. Eating too much will increase your weight. But actually the disease will also make you hungry to know?

Excess fat increases your insulin levels dramatically and increases your appetite! Not only that, fat cells will also make your body insensitive to feeling full. Ha, that’s why even though you’re obese, you never feel full.

By Nurul
10th April 2020 21:23

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