Through socializing, we learn, grow, and work together as a society. The way we socialize defines who we are.

Socializing has evolved from speaking to writing with pen & paper, telegraph, telephone and social media on the internet. Its from socializing that some of our best moments are created.


Motivation and brain power

By socializing with others, we are training our brains to improve memory and help neurodegenerative disease according to research. It strengthens the mind as we learn something whenever we socialize with others with the intent of sharing knowledge with one another.

Someone who specializes in the mechanics of what he calls our “social brain”, Prof. Matthew Lieberman from the University of California, Los Angeles, says the neural activity related to social interaction, and the brain benefits that are afforded by it.

He has seen, for instance, that “if you learn in order to teach someone else, then you learn better than if you learn in order to take a test.”

When one is socially motivated to learn, the social part of the brain will learn and achieve it far better than methods of memorizing according to Prof. Lieberman.

As a bonus, research revealed that having close and deeper friendships aids in preventing mental decline as socializing would be more frequent and meaningful.


Healthy habits

Social connection is also linked with physical health benefits and creates healthy habits for a healthier life. One example is that social individuals have a decreased chance of getting type 2 diabetes according to the Researchers at Maastricht University Medical Centre from the Netherlands.

With this logic, the research states there is 60 percent increase of getting type 2 diabetes from the lack of socializing.

This is all due to encouragement that people give to live healthier.

Another study reveals that people perform better athletically when they exercise in a group rather than alone, showing lower stress level and better mental and physical state during the exercise.

The improvements were not seen when alone or only with one partner however.

“The communal benefits of coming together with friends and colleagues, and doing something difficult, while encouraging one another, pays dividends beyond exercising alone,” notes the study’s lead author.


Happiness and longevity

Longer life that has a stronger sense of well being is linked with an active social life. Friendships that lasts for decades tends to reap a lower rate of depression or anxiety in the golden years.

Researchers say that socializing with close friends in troubled times help maintain emotional and mental stability. This is the very reason why people share their problems they face in life.

To top it all off, socializing with your friends allows you to stay updated and know what’s going on in the world better.

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9th April 2020 22:10

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