One of the nutrient dense foods in the world, peanuts, have healthy fats as well as vegetable proteins. If one seeks to bulk up, peanut butter would be a great choice.

With the right amount eaten, peanut butter can be nutritious and in some phenomenal cases, weight loss could occur.


Weigh Gain

Peanut butter has 190 calories and 16 g of fat is total of an average 32 g portion which is 2 tablespoons. This is the recommended daily amount of fat which is roughly 21 percent.

The high levels of fat that is found in peanut butter consists of significant amounts of healthy fats for your body as well as saturated fats.

For those who never seem to feel full after eating their meals, peanut butter gives the sensation in the stomach of feeling full, hence allowing one to eat less.


Can it help with bodybuilding?

Due to high amounts of protein found in peanut butter, it makes for an excellent snack for those who wish bulk up and or build up muscle.

51 competitive bodybuilders were studied for their nutritional strategies and discovered that protein was consumed far more than carbs or fats.

For bodybuilders, the recommended amount of dietary protein intake for a single day in their off-season is 1.6-2.2. g per kg of body weight according to researchers.

Researchers were still unclear whether people should resume the diet for more than 3 months to maintain one’s muscle mass since the study only had a duration of 12 weeks.

Peanut butter and other types of nut butter is beneficial since bodybuilders aim for high amounts of muscle mass. This is also beneficial for those aiming for lean body mass.


Can it help with weight loss?

In some studies, peanut butter has shown some evidence in weight loss. But how?

A study that lasted more than 5 years had participants from 10 different European countries showed that those who eats a lot of nuts, even peanuts, showed a lowered chance of obesity in the 5 years of research.

Professional athletes who lost weight by consuming a low calorie but high in protein diet maintained their lean body mass in a small short-term study.

People who regularly consume nuts have higher amounts of resting energy in their reserves according to researchers. Calories are burned more by those who have higher reserves of energy during a nonactive period.

The most obvious factor to note here is that peanut butter is calorie-dense and high in fat that no doubt will make anyone feel, thus limiting a person’s appetite and lowering the chance of overeating.

Peanuts are suggested by the results to be a healthy food option for its high protein nature and its ability to lower a person’s appetite.

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