Skin problems often haunt women regardless of the weather, food, lifestyle, and so on.
When you were attacked with acne, acne or the effects of stains and pigmentation, it can lower the confidence or self-esteem of men including men. So the issue of skin care is always a concern not just for appearance but for optimal skin health.

Here’s some simple tips to help women or anyone with skin problems that may have been stressful.

1. Dark and dull skin

Dull and dark skin is caused by the collision of dead skin cells, the effects of poor skin metabolism, aging process and exposure to sunlight.

You can try cream containing vitamin A instead of adding bleach. Once a month it is not wrong to treat face to face with “facial” treatments to stimulate better blood flow, remove dead skin cells and renew skin cells.

Practice daily use of skin moisturizers, it is best to consult your doctor before buying and using a product. Ensure adequate sleep so that the skin stays moist and does not dull.

2. Grate

The scar on the face is sure to make you shiver. The effects of acne scars or ‘deep’ acne scars can affect a person’s facial and facial beauty.

Acne results in bigger, deeper problems and slower recovery. For women, the former acne scars will make their makeup uneven and even make them look more attractive.

3. Pigmentation

In fact pigmentation cannot be treated no matter how sophisticated the technology used. Pigmentation can only be reduced or prevented from occurring. Pigmentation is caused by melasma activity caused by the action of hormones that stimulate melanin cells in the skin.

In addition to hormones, genetic factors also affect the problem. However, it can be minimized by applying a protective cream or lotion that has SPF (sunblocks), UVB (prevents pigmentation) and UVA.

Many are still confused by the way the protective cream works. You should apply the cream once every three hours if exposed to sunlight as it is easily absorbed by the skin. The highest SPF rate is only up to 50. Those who have darker skin should opt for a high SPF cream.

4. Large pores

Large pores can be a major distraction, but don’t worry because microdermabrasion treatment can help remove dead skin.

For those with oily skin, avoid using oil-based beauty products.
Also, always wash face to ‘dump’ oil. Using a moisturizer, it can reduce skin pores and help hydrate and soften the skin. It also allows the sebum to penetrate deeper into the skin, rather than “coating” on the surface of the skin. Remember … use a water-based moisturizer.

5. Dark circles under the eyes

The darkening of the lower part of the eye may be due to lack of blood flow to the area or due to the fat buildup causing the cavity of the eye to become weak and causing the upper layer of fat to decrease.

Don’t worry, you can overcome it by using serum to increase the rate of skin stretch under the eyes. At the same time, dietary factors can also help to resolve the problem, especially taking green vegetables and clear water to keep your eyes fresh.

6. Layered chin

Must be some of you who have multiple chin problems? Don’t worry, as some of these problems can be easily solved if you consistently practice certain practices. The chin is thinned by a prominent layer of fat beneath the chin. It can happen to everyone, especially to people with big bodies.

But you can overcome this, by doing a facial massage to help improve skin metabolism and blood circulation. Alternatively you can use ice cubes and apply them under your chin, practice daily to make your skin more elastic and do exercises including chewing gum.

By Nurul
8th April 2020 22:37

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