A range of serious health problems are linked to heavy drinking which includes liver and heart disease, some cancers, nervous system damage as well as brain damage.

Drinking in moderation does benefit your health in some ways though popular press has exhausted the consequences of over drinking throughout many years.

This is further supported by many studies that low levels of drinking alcohol do have protective effect in an individual. For instance, a study revealed that moderate or light drinking have protective properties against all causes of death, even cardiovascular disease, known to claim many lives globally.

These studies were read by many and has been well-received, though debates about the subject is ongoing as not all the researchers involved or not involved in the study disagree with this notion.

Dr. Timothy Naimi of the Boston Medical Centre in Massachusetts, led a study which added oil to the fire. In his study, he found older individuals are less affected from alcohol compared to younger individuals.

The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs published his findings as well Drugs earlier this even though some authors question the methods used earlier in his studies.


The difference of age

Age was the main influencer of how much an individual is at alcohol-related risk in the analysis.

35.8 percent of alcohol related deaths occur for people who are aged between 20 and 49. The scientists found that those in this age group that were included in the deaths that didn’t have an alcohol consumption was only 4.5 percent of this age group.

It was a different story for the people were aged 65 or older as the analysis shows a similar 35 percent for alcohol-related deaths in the group though 80 percent showed that deaths were prevented by alcohol for this group according to the authors.

The difference between the age groups were stark to the researchers as they saw the number of years potentially lost from alcohol consumption.

The 20-49 age group made up 58.4 percent of the total number of years lost while 14.5 percent totalled up for the years of life saved from alcohol consumption.

Interestingly, 15 percent of those over-65 accounted for the total years of life lost while 50 percent of the same group showed years of life saved from drinking.

The younger people are concluded by the authors that they“are more likely to die from alcohol consumption than they are to die from a lack of drinking,” the health benefits of moderate drinking are more likely to be experienced by the older people.

Though the results aren’t solid enough to deem as absolute, it brings us to understand the nature of alcohol better and how health is impacted by it.

A certain age group may benefit from moderate to light drinking but everyone is in danger of heavy drinking.

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8th April 2020 23:10

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