In the middle of running, suddenly your stomach cramp, have you ever been in a situation like that? Why would that be possible? One of the most common physical activities or activities that most individuals choose is to run.

This is because it can be done anywhere regardless of time; morning or evening and does not require any special equipment. Running or jogging is a great activity for heart health.

According to a study published in the journal American College of Cardiology, individuals who regularly do this exercise will lower their risk of developing heart disease.

However, while running or jogging there is a tendency to experience cramp or cramps. It is often experienced by most individuals, but why would it happen when you have had a warm-up session before running?

Cause of stomach cramp

The feeling of seizures and pain that come with running will certainly interfere with the mood for exercise. There are several factors that can be the cause of cramp’s stomach problems, including:

Oxygen levels. While running, almost your entire body will move and most movements will involve the feet. The body regulates the flow of oxygen to the body for distribution to all parts of the muscle that require oxygen. The oxygen is to help the muscles generate energy for use while running.

Dehydration. Lack of water in your body can also cause you to have stomach cramps. The muscles are tired. Don’t be surprised, muscles can get tired too, okay? This is common for individuals who have run for long distances. This condition causes muscles like the abdominal muscles to grow tired.

Digestive system. It’s one thing that is not recommended to do before exercising, but many people unwittingly do so, taking a heavy amount of food or drinks before running or jogging. Your actions affect the digestive system. So it would be logical if you would feel pain in the abdomen.

Pressure on the stomach. The movement of the stomach during jogging will make your stomach feel stressed and “compete” with other organs in your body. This condition causes stomach tissue to stretch and there is pain and seizures.

Stop for a while

If you experience cramp belly while running or jogging, it is advisable to stop for a while and do not force yourself to run. When stopping for at least two to four minutes, try to get restful and orderly breathing.

It can help alleviate the sudden sense of spasm. Exercising or doing any physical activity such as running, jogging or biking is a great way to help improve overall health.

But make sure you drink enough water to prevent dehydration.

Avoid eating any heavy foods before starting any physical activity, at least an hour or two before exercise.

By Nurul
6th April 2020 20:39

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