Whenever your nose gets irritated from a build up of germs, sneezing happens as reaction to get rid of them. Because the nose is very sensitive, nearly any particle can irritate it and set off a sneeze.

Common irritants include:

  • viruses or bacteria
  • dust
  • pollen
  • dander

A sneeze can be triggered by any of the above or all of the above at the same time. Delaying or stopping a sneeze before it happens is possible as it’s a controllable reaction.

I bet a lot of you out there didn’t know this. The ways to prevent sneezing includes:

Learning triggers

Sneezing is caused by many different things, some easy to identify and prevent. Avoiding sneezes is possible by understanding what causes sneezing.

Triggers include:

  • dander
  • dust
  • spices, such as pepper
  • bright lights
  • spicy food
  • mold
  • pollen
  • cold virus
  • perfume
  • baking flour


Photic sneezing

Photic sneezing is sneezing is caused by looking at bright light. Only a third of people in the world are affected by this condition, one could start sneezing while exposed by sunlight during a bright day.

Normally those with a family history have photic sneezing. Wearing sunglasses on sunny days or avoid looking directly at bright lights are effective in preventing photic sneezing.


Avoiding large meals

An interesting phenomenon, when some people feel full after a meal, there is a chance they will sneeze. Eating smaller portions and taking smaller bites can prevent sneezing during meals. This phenomenon is not clearly understood though.


Saying something weird

The action of saying something interesting or something unusual keeps the brain distracted, preventing the sneeze, though there is no solid evidence or research to support these claims.


Tickling the roof of the mouth

Stimulating the roof of the mouth using the tongue is a common way to prevent sneezing. To prevent the sneeze from occurring, tickle the roof of the mouth several seconds while the urge to sneeze just began.


Last but not least, blow your nose

If all else fails, just use a tissue and blow your nose. This way, you excrete mucus out of the nasal passage, along with the germs, bacteria, viruses or whatever else is causing irritation in the nose.

This right here is the full proof plan to make your nose feel better.

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3rd April 23:25

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