The heart can be easily damaged by high blood pressure, making it very dangerous. 1 out of 3 of the US and 1 billion people globally are affected by high blood pressure.

Here are some ways to lower blood pressure.


  1. Frequent exercise

For lower high blood pressure, exercise is the best solution. Why?

The heart becomes stronger from regular exercise and the pumping of blood becomes more efficient hence the pressure in your arteries lowers significantly

150 minutes of walking as an exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous running per week can improve your heart health and lower your blood pressure.

According to the National Walker’s Health Study, your blood pressure can be reduced even more with more exercise.

The point here is that in one day, just 30 minutes of walking can lower your blood pressure though the effect is increased as the amount of exercise increases.


  1. Less Salt

It’s a known fact that salt will aggravate those with high blood pressure. This is difficult to control because the processed and prepared foods in the world use high amounts of salt.

This is just for the meals that are prepared properly, without mentioning the meals that have too salt by mistake.

Lowering salt in the food industry is the goal of many public health efforts for this very reason.

A stroke is linked to high blood pressure in many studies.

Genetic differences in how people process sodium is one of the reasons for inconclusiveness in these studies. Sensitivity to salt is found in around half of those with high blood pressure and a quarter of them with normal levels of blood pressure.

Cutting back in salt intake is necessary if you’re someone who has high blood pressure. Changing processed foods to fresh foods while seasoning with herbs and spices is a good alternative to relying on salt.

The recommendation of having less salt makes the most sense to those sensitive to salt.


  1. Drink less alcohol

Blood pressure can be raised by drinking alcohol as it is linked to 16% of high blood pressure cases globally.

Low-to-moderate amounts of alcohol may protect the heart, which is suggested by some research. Negative effects can offset these benefits however.

Moderate alcohol consumption says that women’s limit for one day is one drink and two for men in the US. Cutting back is suggested if you drink more than this.

Conclusion: Blood pressure could be raised in any quantity by drinking alcohol. One drink for women and two for men is the limit one should follow for healthy blood pressure.

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