Weight loss is one of the main motives of exercising, especially for those who are out of shape. To add to exercise, a study from the journal Metabolism has found a new solution.

The Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, the Universities of Glasgow and the West of Scotland, and Imperial College in London devised research that builds up to the solution.

A certain appetite-suppressing supplement is suggested to aid weight loss that goes along with moderate exercise without the requirement of fancy diets.

This research was funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.


A fascinating supplement

A supplement called inulin-propionate ester (IPE) was explored in the study.

Propionate is the digested dietary fiber from gut microbes that produces short-chain fatty acids that acts as a natural yet effective appetite suppressor.

Propionate breaks down quickly in the body, so to strengthen its effect, scientists have chemically bound it to inulin. This is a fiber common to. The result is IPE.

Scientists have chemically bound propionate to insulin, as propionate breaks down quickly in the body. IPE was the result.

As corresponding study author Douglas Morrison notes, “There’s a great deal of interest at the moment in how our gut microbiota affects our health and well-being.”

Its established in previous research of scientists’ that IPE increases the body’s oxidation rate or the burning of fat while resting.

IPE also suppresses the craving of eating high calorie foods which was revealed in the research.

IPE is revealed to improve the weight loss effects from frequent exercising from this new study without dietary changes.

Morrison explains, “What we’ve been able to show for the first time is that this latter effect continues when exercise is added to regular IPE intake.” This study is yet to combine dieting with exercising while taking IPE.

20 women aged 25-45 participated in the trial, each having body mass index (BMI) greater than 25. 4 weeks was the duration of this trial.

The participants were split into two groups of 10, both took part in moderate exercising.

IPE was given to one group while a placebo supplement comprising of cellulose was given to the other group. The eating patterns for all was maintained.

Each person’s resting fat oxidation levels, both before and after, were measured by the researchers using blood and gas samples. These were collected before and after breakfast and lunch.

Those who exercised and took the placebo showed no change in their fat oxidation levels after the trials.

However, those who took the IPE showed an obvious increase in fat burning during rest. The amazing part is that the effects lasted 7 hours past the dose of IPE.

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