Smoking habits are a risk factor for many types of chronic diseases and cancers. However, anyone who thinks that in our turmoil is facing the Covid-19 outbreak, individuals are also at risk of being infected by the outbreak.

This has been confirmed by the Global Health Agency such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union’s Disease Control Agency.

If those infected with Covid-19 have the potential for serious complications due to smoking habits, then this should be taken into consideration by the government.

According to the National Morbidity and Health Survey (NHMS) conducted in 2015 on smoking habits, 22.8% (4,991,458) of Malaysians aged 15 years and over are smokers.

If this outbreak is not ruled out, we will see an increase in patients with severe symptoms in the third wave of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Weakness of the immune system for smoking habits Covid-19?

Looking at the risk factors for those infected with Covid-19, smoking and vape use are less of a concern. This is because the number of studies on smoking habits on Covid-19 is still insufficient to make the recommendations made appear anecdotal (not based on scientific evidence, only testimony).

According to Dr Nora Volkow, Director of the United States Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA), people who smoke, use vape or illicit substances such as high-risk marijuana may develop severe complications if infected.

Although many individuals are aware of the dangers of smoking, it is difficult to quit despite the help of professionals. As a result, many are more likely to use vape as an alternative to quitting smoking. Is it better than cigarettes?

Studies involving 30 healthy individuals who did not smoke to smoke produced by vape showed a decrease in their sensitivity to cough. They also have very low mucociliary clearance function.

If both of these physiological problems are experienced by individuals who smoke or use vape, their risk of being diagnosed with pneumonia is increased.

This causes their health to decline if they are infected with Covid-19.

In addition to mechanical protection functions (phlegm and cough production), the body’s immune system function can also be disrupted, causing smokers to experience germs.

Agents of the immune system (white blood cell components) such as macrophages and neutrophils undergo significant functional changes. This condition can potentially cause infection and damage to the lung cells.

This was proven by a study of animals exposed to 20 packs of cigarette smoke. The ability of microfibers and neutrophils to inhibit the depletion of external elements is diminished.

This clearly shows that smoking habits can affect the strength of an individual’s immune system.

By Nurul
1st April 2020 20:39

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