Some of you out there skip meals for several reasons, poor time management, work, or even trying to lose weight.

But there are dire consequences when deciding to skip meals.

For starters, instead of losing weight, it could lead to gaining weight. This is because your metabolism starts to go haywire when you don’t eat during your regular times. For all of you who wants to try being anorectic, I highly do not recommend thinking about it.

In addition to this, you tend to overeat after skipping your meals. What you deny yourself, the body will want it more, hence the urge to eat and to eat more than what you usually eat is bound to happen like a ticking time bomb.

What’s worse, the body starts burning off the muscles first not the fats. So for those of you looking to be fit and muscular, this is a big no-no.

Next is your brain function. When there isn’t enough glucose in your blood, the brain’s ability to focus tends to fade. This is because your brain relies on glucose to perform optimally, hence the lack of it deters the brain’s performance.

For those of you who have very heavy work-life that demands vast amounts of brain power, don’t skip your meals.

The next consequence is mood swings, particularly anger. This is better known as being hangry, angry while hungry. The body knows when it needs to eat and denying it will cause a reaction. In this case a consequence.

The feeling of being bloated is bound to happen one doesn’t eat on time. Frequent dieting or skipping of meals will eventually lead to constipation. Why? Because eating on a regular basis is what helps you push out your wastes. For those of you who suffer from constipation, you know how painful the feeling is, so please eat your meals regularly.

These are enough reasons to put you off skipping your meals. Do not try it for the sake of losing weight or working overtime. It’s not worth it.

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By Aaron
30th March 2020 22:55

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